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There’s A 1993 Quarter Worth $1,400… Here’s What To Look For!

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By Joshua

If you search through your pocket change long enough, you’ll probably find many 1993 quarters.

Most worn 1993 quarters are worth their face value. But some 1993 quarters are far more valuable.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which 1993 quarters you should be actively looking for
  • Why some 1993 U.S. quarters are so valuable
  • How much all types of 1993 quarters are worth today

Fun Facts About The 1993 Quarter

The 1993 quarter has is worth as much as $1,400+.

The 1993 quarter features a portrait of first United States President George Washington on the obverse (“heads side”) of the coin. A heraldic eagle is seen on the reverse (“tails side”). The 1993 Washington quarter was designed by John Flanagan — whose quarter first debuted in 1932 and continued with few design changes through 1998.

The 50 State Quarters program began in 1999, and that led to massive overhauls for the quarter — with a redesigned George Washington profile on the obverse, and with new reverse designs honoring a different state or United States territory about every 10 weeks.

Where Is The Mintmark On A 1993 Quarter?

The 1993 quarter was struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints, and each of these mints placed their respective mint letter stamp (mintmark) on the quarters they struck that year. Therefore, you will find one of 3 mintmarks on a 1993 quarter:

  • P – Philadelphia Mint
  • D – Denver Mint
  • S – San Francisco Mint

The mintmark on a 1993 quarter is located on the right side of the obverse — just to the right of the bow in Washington’s ponytail.

Are There Any 1993 Silver Quarters?

Yes, some of them are!

The San Francisco Mint struck a relatively small number of 90% silver quarters for proof coin sets. While most 1993 quarters are not silver, you can look for those that are by narrowing them down this way:

  • Does your 1993 quarter have an S mintmark? If it doesn’t, then your quarter is not silver. If it does, then it may contain silver.
  • Next, if your 1993-S quarter has an orange or brown banding around the edge, it’s likely a copper nickel clad coin. If it does not have the orange or brown edge, then it could be silver.
  • If your 1993-S quarter doesn’t appear to have the orange or brown coloring on the edge and it weighs less than 6 grams, then it’s probably not silver. If it doesn’t have the orange or brown edge and weighs about 6 grams or more, it’s most likely silver.

How Much Does A 1993 Quarter Weigh?

The weight of your 1993 quarter will depend on if it’s made from copper-nickel clad or silver:

  • A copper-nickel clad 1993 quarter has a standard weight of 5.67 grams.
  • Silver 1993 quarters have a standard weight of 6.25 grams.

Bear in mind that not all 1993 clad quarters will weigh exactly 5.67 grams, just as not every 1993 silver quarter weighs exactly 6.25 grams. There are tolerances, or variances, that provide for the weight to fluctuate a little and still be considered a legal coin.

For example, a new clad quarter can weigh as much as .223 grams higher or lower than the 5.67 grams stated here. And that’s not even accounting for wear or damage — which can shave even more weight off your coin. For the silver quarter, the weight difference can be about .09 grams.

Is The 1993 Quarter Rare?

The 1993 quarter is considered common in the general sense, as these coins were stuck to the tune of nearly 1.3 billion (yes, billion) coins. That means there are still plenty of specimens to go around for all who are interested in them.

That said, there are some exceptions that we must talk about…

There are plenty of rare and valuable 1993 quarters as determined by their condition and the presence of errors or varieties. (We will cover all 1993 quarter values in just a minute.)

First, It’s Important To Know The Grade Of Your 1993 Quarter

As you’ll see with the values listed below, the grade of your coin can make the difference between a 1993 quarter that’s worth 25 cents and one that’s worth hundreds — or thousands — of dollars!

In this video, I’m showing you how to accurately determine the grade of your 1993 quarter:

Now, let’s see how much 1993 quarters — without any errors or special varieties — are worth today…

1993-P Quarter Value

The 1993-P quarter was struck at the Philadelphia Mint — which churned out a whopping 639,276,000 of these coins that year. Since there are so many of these coins in existence, the 1993-P quarter is considered a very common coin.

  • Pretty much any worn 1993-P quarter that you find in pocket change is worth its face value of 25 cents and nothing more — because these are common coins and they contain no silver.
  • Most uncirculated examples of the 1993-P quarter typically fetch $1 to $2 apiece.
  • The most valuable 1993-P quarter was an unusual error that was both triple struck and off-center… Wow! It was graded Mint State-66 by Numismatic Guaranty Company and sold for a stunning $780 in 2022.

1993-D Quarter Value

The 1993-D quarter from the Denver Mint is about as common as a 1993-P quarter — with a mintage of 645,476,128 and similar frequency of occurrence in pocket change and among coin collectors.

  • If you find a worn 1993-D quarter in circulation, you can expect it to be worth its face value of 25 cents.
  • Run-of-the-mill uncirculated specimens of the 1993-D quarter generally take $1 to $2 apiece.
  • The most valuable 1993-D quarter is something to write home about. It was graded a nearly perfect Mint State-67+ by Professional Coin Grading Service and commanded $1,485 in a 2018 sale.

1993-S Proof Quarter Value

You probably aren’t finding many 1993-S quarters in your spare change, and here’s why: they weren’t made for circulation!

The San Francisco Mint struck these coins as proofs for collectors only. They were sold in proof sets, which were offered for sale directly to the public.

There are two kinds of 1993-S proof quarters:

  • 1993-S clad proof quarters
  • 1993-S silver proof quarters

Both are pretty common in coin collecting circles.

Here’s how much 1993 proof quarters are worth:

The most valuable 1993 proof quarters are worth significantly more than that. For example, the most ever paid in a public sale for a 1993-S clad proof quarter was $420 — for a Proof-70 Deep Camep specimen graded by Professional Coin Grading Service that traded hands in 2009.

The most valuable 1993 silver proof quarter was graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo by Professional Coin Grading Service and took an astounding $1,380 in 2007.

Rare 1993 Error Quarters To Look For

The above values are for non-error and non-variety examples of the 1993 quarter.

These next values address the rare and hard to find examples of 1993 quarters with errors…

Keep in mind that most odd-looking 1993 quarters aren’t actually errors, but instead they’re just showing varying degrees of post-mint damage (PMD). One of the most common signs of PMD is the quarter with a smooth edge and without ridges but having normal diameter and thickness. The smooth edge was caused by excessive edge wear — most likely many years of use in vending machines.

Having said that, some 1993 quarters do exhibit legitimate errors and varieties. Here are a few you should look for:

Who knows? You might just get lucky and find one of these valuable 1993 quarters in your pocket change or while searching through rolls of coins!