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Most Valuable Coins By Denomination – Want to know the real value of your coins? You’ve come to the right place! Here, our coin experts are sharing current coin values for common coins and rare coins — including wheat pennies, Indian head pennies, state quarters, silver coins, gold coins, bicentennial coins, commemorative coins, and much more. See the most valuable U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins.

Collectible Disney Dollars 101: Are Disney Dollars collectible? Heck yeah! Find out how much your old Disney Dollars are worth today.

Have a 1941 penny and want to find out more about it? We've got all the info about 1941 pennies, including how many were made and their values, right here!

1998 Nickel Value - See the current value of all 1998 nickels, including rare varieties and errors. Learn how to identify valuable nickels from 1998.

1974 Half Dollar Coin Value: Have a 1974 JFK half dollar? Find out how much it's worth today + The value of rare 1974 Kennedy half dollar errors to look for

Find the value of old coins: Wheat pennies, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Roosevelt dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars, and pre-1934 gold coins

Wondering the value of a 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar today? Here's a list of all 1967 half dollar no mint mark values + 1967 Kennedy half dollar errors.

1935 One Dollar Bill Values - A list of all 1935 $1 Silver Certificate values, including Series 1935-A $1 Silver Certificate mule notes (rare errors).

All 1976 pennies are worth AT LEAST 2 cents! Find out how much your 1976 pennies are worth. (All about Bicentennial 1976 pennies and rare 1976 penny errors)

Have a 1974 penny? What about a 1974 silver penny? See all 1974 penny values. Plus, what you need to know about the rare 1974 aluminum penny!