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6 Best Silver Coins To Collect

When people buy silver coins they often have a very specific goal in mind: 1) Completing a coin collection, or 2) Building a set of coins for kids or grandkids, or 3) Stacking silver for future use, survival, or investment purposes
If you’re wondering which silver coins would make the most valuable addition to your collection or investment portfolio, start here! These are the 6 best silver coins to collect.

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Today’s 2002 Penny Value: Some 2002 Pennies Are Worth Over $6,000!

Some 2002 pennies are worth anywhere from $150… to $375… to $6,000… or more! So, which ones are valuable and worth keeping? How can you tell an ordinary 2002 penny worth just 1 cent apart from a rare and valuable 2002 penny that’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? Here are the answers you’re looking for…

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11 Reasons To Start Collecting Coins… Right Now!

The hobby of coin collecting is growing – with more and more people discovering how rewarding collecting coins is! I began collecting coins in the early 1990s – and I’m still finding new reasons to collect coins. I love that I can enjoy a hobby that costs very little and yet offers so much enjoyment. Here are my top 11 reasons why you should start collecting coins today!

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