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Tips For Cleaning Coins: How To Clean All Of The Old, Dirty Coins In Your Collection

Wondering how to clean coins? Have some old coins that are in serious need of a cleaning?… Only low-grade extremely dirty coins will benefit from a good cleaning. Medium- and high-grade coins will actually go down in value if you attempt to clean them, so use your best judgment. Here are the best ways to clean coins, while doing the least damage to the coin itself.

Rare Coins

5 Rare Coins For You To Find In The Lincoln Memorial Penny Series

The Lincoln Memorial penny was made from 1959 to 2008. It was — and still is — a fixture in United States commerce. While most Lincoln Memorial pennies are worth only face value (or a little more), there are a few rare Lincoln Memorial pennies you should be keeping your eye out for. Here are 5 classics, plus 3 recently discovered rare pennies.

The U.S. Silver Trime Coin (1851-1873): Little-Known Facts, Rare Trime Dates, And The Value Of This Silver 3-Cent Piece

The trime is a silver three-cent coin made from 1851 through 1873. The silver trime coin was one of many small change coins that were popular back in the 19th century. The U.S. Mint created the 3-cent silver coin (the trime coin) to address the shortage of silver coins, while still producing a coin that had a bullion value close to its face value. See the 3 trime coin designs, 11 rare trime coin dates, and the value of trime coins today.


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Fun With Coins

Looking Through Penny Rolls Can Be Rewarding and Fun

Penny rolls… You can buy them for 50 cents each, which can lead to an array of exciting and even valuable finds. Some examples of valuable pennies I’ve found in penny rolls: wheat cents, error coins, misplaced dimes, and foreign coins.

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