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Rare Coin Values – How To Tell If Your U.S. Coin Is Valuable

What’s my coin worth? While it may seem like a fairly easy question, it takes a really good evaluation of the coin by a professional coin dealer to determine your coin’s value accurately. You see, when determining the value of a coin, the appraiser must consider not only the date and denomination of the coin, but also what condition it is in, what the value of the metal is, the relative scarcity of the coin, and other issues.

Rare Coins


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Fun With Coins

Looking Through Penny Rolls Can Be Rewarding and Fun

Penny rolls… You can buy them for 50 cents each, which can lead to an array of exciting and even valuable finds. Some examples of valuable pennies I’ve found in penny rolls: wheat cents, error coins, misplaced dimes, and foreign coins.

Coin Values

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