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.st1{display:none}Coin Collecting 101

Anatomy of a coin - this coin identifier points out all of the key places on a U.S. coin.

U.S. Coin Identifier: Get To Know The Parts Of A Coin Via Diagrams, Photos & Definitions

Coin diagrams and photos to help you describe your coin to others (if you want to sell it online). Plus, a coin glossary that explains the parts of a coin.

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Coin Grading 101: How To Determine The Grade Of Every U.S. Coin In Your Collection

Most coin collectors want to be able to look at their coins and determine an approximate grade — which will then yield important information about the coin’s worth. Here’s how U.S. coins are graded professionally AND how to grade a coin yourself at home!

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5 Tips That’ll Make Coin Collecting For Kids Cheap, Easy & Fun

Here are 5 tips that will make coin collecting for kids cheaper, easier, and more fun!

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.st1{display:none}Coin Myths, Triva & Facts

.st1{display:none}Coin Values