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History & Facts About Coins – Here, our coin experts are debunking popular coin myths, sharing little-known facts about counterfeit coins, gold coins & silver coins, and revealing other important coin facts that anyone who’s interested in coins should know! Everything you want to know about U.S. coins, paper currency, U.S. mints, mint marks, and more. Whether you’re concerned about buying fake coins or just need to brush up on your facts about U.S. coins… start here!

The 1776-1976 drummer boy quarters are neat Bicentennial coins that are worth looking for in your spare change! Here's everything you want to know about the drummer boy quarter.

1776-1976 Drummer Boy Quarters Are Worth Looking For!

Why did the U.S. Mint make drummer boy quarters? How many were made? Why do they have the 1776-1976 date? What do the letters “JLA” mean? Are there any drummer boy quarter errors worth looking for? What makes these Bicentennial quarters different from regular Washington quarters? Here is everything you want to know about drummer boy quarters!

5 Rookie Mistakes When Buying Gold Coins

Gold Buying Mistakes: See how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying gold coins. A list of the top 5 mistakes newbies often make when buying gold coins to collect… or to build their investment portfolio.