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1969 Penny Value - How much are your 1969 pennies worth today? Here's an up-to-date guide with current values for all types of 1969 pennies.

Replacement Star Notes: How much are your star notes worth today? And how much are rare star notes worth? An updated list of replacement star note values.

While looking for rare coins in my spare change jar, I found the easiest way to check a coin’s value online, what coins to look for in change, and the best U.S. coins to keep.

What makes a coin valuable? There are several factors...

What makes a U.S. coin valuable? There are 5 factors used to determine a coin's value - and how rare it is. Do you know what those 5 things are?

How are coin varieties and coin errors different? Why does it matter? What are these unusual coins worth? All you need to know about U.S. coin oddities.

Coin mintage numbers refer to how many coins were struck by the Mint - not how many still exist. How to use mintage numbers to determine a coin's value and rarity.

Have a 1943 penny? Want to see if you've hit the big bucks? Here's how to tell common 1943 pennies from the rare ones. See how much your 1943 penny is worth

1982 Penny Value: In 1982 the US Mint made zinc-plated pennies. But... some 1982 copper pennies DO exist! See how much all 1982 pennies are worth today.

See how U.S. coins have been made throughout the years... including details about early U.S. Mints compared to modern day U.S. Mint facilities.