Rare U.S. Coins

Error Coins, Rare Coins, And Varieties – Interested in rare U.S. coins? Here, our coin experts are sharing their best tips for finding rare coins, error coins, and mistakes! See how to tell a rare coin from a fake one, current rare coin values, which rare coins can be found in circulation, and how many rare coins actually exist. Plus, how to tell a damaged coin that’s worth very little apart from an error coin that’s worth a lot of money! Everything you want to know about rare pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins.

5 Rare Coins For You To Find In The Lincoln Memorial Penny Series

The Lincoln Memorial penny was made from 1959 to 2008. It was — and still is — a fixture in United States commerce. While most Lincoln Memorial pennies are worth only face value (or a little more), there are a few rare Lincoln Memorial pennies you should be keeping your eye out for. Here are 5 classics, plus 3 recently discovered rare pennies.

The U.S. Silver Trime Coin (1851-1873): Little-Known Facts, Rare Trime Dates, And The Value Of This Silver 3-Cent Piece

The trime is a silver three-cent coin made from 1851 through 1873. The silver trime coin was one of many small change coins that were popular back in the 19th century. The U.S. Mint created the 3-cent silver coin (the trime coin) to address the shortage of silver coins, while still producing a coin that had a bullion value close to its face value. See the 3 trime coin designs, 11 rare trime coin dates, and the value of trime coins today.

Doubled die pennies like this one from 1955 are rare and valuable, with some worth thousands of dollars.

A List Of The Most Valuable Doubled Die Pennies Worth Up To $150,000!

Mistakenly called double die pennies, the doubled die cents on this list are extremely rare and extremely valuable! This type of error penny is the top prize among coin collectors. Wondering if you might have one of these? Here’s what to look for on your pennies that show doubling!