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1935 One Dollar Bill Values - A list of all 1935 $1 Silver Certificate values, including Series 1935-A $1 Silver Certificate mule notes (rare errors).

All 1976 pennies are worth AT LEAST 2 cents! Find out how much your 1976 pennies are worth. (All about Bicentennial 1976 pennies and rare 1976 penny errors)

Replacement Star Notes: How much are your star notes worth today? And how much are rare star notes worth? An updated list of replacement star note values.

What makes a coin valuable? There are several factors...

What makes a U.S. coin valuable? There are 5 factors used to determine a coin's value - and how rare it is. Do you know what those 5 things are?

How are coin varieties and coin errors different? Why does it matter? What are these unusual coins worth? All you need to know about U.S. coin oddities.

Find out if you have any of these rare & valuable pennies worth more than $100 dollars apiece! This top 100 pennies worth money list is updated frequently.

The 1959-D wheat penny is one of the most controversial mule coins ever. Everything you want to know about the mystery surrounding the 1959-D penny error.

Have a 1968 penny? Want to know how much it's worth? The good news is your coin is worth more than face value! See HOW MUCH over face value here.

1966 Quarter Value - See the current value of all 1966 quarters, including rare varieties and errors. Learn how to identify valuable quarters from 1966.