A List Of All 1966 Coins Worth Money

Some 1966 coins are worth more than $16,000 apiece! Do you know which ones you should keep? Here’s a list of all the most valuable coins from 1966 — and why they’re worth so much money!

What makes a coin valuable? There are several factors...

What Makes A Coin Valuable?

So… what makes a coin valuable? There are 5 important factors that determine a coin’s rarity (or scarcity). Do you know what those 5 things are?

Grading Half Dollars: How To Determine The Grade Of A Half Dollar

There are 4 types of half dollar coins covered here: Barber half dollars, Franklin half dollars, Kennedy half dollars, and Walking Liberty half dollars (also known as American eagle silver half dollars). Here’s how to obtain exact grades for your circulated half dollar coins….