1964 Quarter Value: See How Much Your 1964 Silver Quarters Are Worth!

by Joshua

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1964 Quarter Value Guide

What’s your 1964 silver quarter worth?

Here’s the good news: It is likely worth much more than face value!

And here’s the better news…

It could actually be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It all depends on the condition of your coin, and the markings that appear on your 1964 quarter.

In this article, you will learn:

  • All 1964 quarter values
  • Which 1964 silver quarters are rare
  • How much a 1964 quarter weighs
  • Which mintmarks are the most valuable ones on a 1964 quarter
  • The best way to find valuable 1964 silver quarters
  • Other fun facts about 1964 quarters

Fun Facts About 1964 Silver Quarters

Here are some things you may not know about the 1964 U.S. quarter…

What is unique about the design on a 1964 silver quarter?

The 1964 Washington quarter was designed by John Flanagan, whose portrait of George Washington and image of a heraldic eagle were first struck on the U.S. quarter in 1932.

The Washington portrait on the obverse (heads side) and heraldic eagle design on the reverse (tails side) remained virtually unchanged from the time they debuted on the quarter through 1964 — which was the last year that circulating quarters were made from silver.

How much does a 1964 silver quarter weigh?

A standard 1964 Washington quarter is made from a 90% silver, 10% copper composition containing .18084 ounces of pure silver.

What does this all boil down to when it comes to the weight of a 1964 silver quarter?

The average 1964 quarter weighs 6.25 grams — with tolerances of 0.195 grams more or less. Keep in mind that circulated quarters can weigh even less, as some amount of the metal has been worn away through circulation.

Do you have a coin scale? Here are the best scales for weighing U.S. coins. (You might also want to grab a coin magnifier.) 

Notice the little "D" on the back of this 1964 quarter? That's the mint mark.

Where is the mintmark on a 1964 quarter?

Looking for the mint letter stamp (or mintmark) on a 1964 quarter?

You will find the mintmark on the reverse side of the coin — between the wreath under the eagle and above the letters “ER” in “QUARTER” and “D” of “DOLLAR.”

What’s that?… Your 1964 quarter does not have a mint mark? So, does that mean your 1964 no mintmark quarter is an error that is worth big money?

Unfortunately, no. A no-mintmark 1964 quarter isn’t an error at all. We’ll talk about this a bit more below. But for now, it’s simply important to know that your 1964 quarter without a mintmark was struck at the Philadelphia Mint — and in 1964, the Philly Mint did not place its mintmark on coins.

So, the only mint mark you’ll ever see on a 1964 quarter is a “D” — which appears on 1964 quarters that were made at the Denver Mint.

Are 1964 silver quarters rare?

You probably won’t find many 1964 quarters in your spare change — but that’s not because they’re rare.

It’s because they contain silver, and people have been pulling silver coins out of circulation for decades. Most U.S. silver quarters were pulled out of circulation by the 1970s and ’80s.

However, some silver coins occasionally slipped through. And others get spent — either by accident or on purpose. On purpose?… Yep, coin-collecting philanthropists often release valuable coins into circulation, hoping that the people who find their coins will get involved in coin collecting!

Believe it or not, more than 1.2 billion (with a B!) 1964 quarters were made. So, no — 1964 quarters are not rare in the absolute sense.

Some 1964 silver quarters in the higher grades are rare simply because of their pristine condition. But it’s important to realize that any wild 1964 quarter values you may see pertain to coins that are in nearly perfect condition.

Have a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book? It’s an invaluable resource for finding current coin values. It will help you determine the value of all your coins — not just the quarters that we’re talking about here.

All 1964 Quarter Values

Now, let’s find out how much your 1964 quarter is worth.

Which of these 3 types of 1964 silver quarters best describes your coin?…

1964 Quarter Value (No Mintmark)

Find out how much your 1964 silver quarters are worth today!

The 1964 no mintmark quarter was struck at the Philadelphia Mint — which made 560,390,585 examples of this coin.

With more than half a billion quarters struck in Philly alone, the 1964 no mintmark quarter isn’t rare. But all of them are valuable (worth more than face value at the very least) — even in worn condition.

Since silver prices fluctuate so much… In order to find what a 1964 silver quarter with no mintmark is worth today, you need to look at the current silver price. As you can see, all 1964 quarters without a mintmark are worth more than face value — due to the fact that they contain .18084 ounces of pure silver. The condition of the coin will ultimately determine the coin’s true value.

The most valuable 1964 quarter with no mintmark was graded MS67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for an impressive $7,188 in a 2004 auction.

1964-D Quarter Value

The 1964 quarter struck at the Denver Mint carries the “D” mintmark.

A total of 704,135,528 quarters were made at the Denver Mint in 1964.

Like their no-mintmark Philadelphia siblings, these silver quarters are worth more than face value — even if worn.

Since the price of silver is changing all the time, it’s impractical to list a stated value for the 1964-D quarter here. But looking at the current silver price will easily reveal the value of a 1964-D quarter today.

The most valuable 1964-D quarter was graded MS68 by Professional Coin Grading Service and scored a stunning $38,400 in a 2021 auction.

1964 Proof Quarter Value

What is a proof 1964 quarter?

It’s a type of quarter bearing the 1964 date that was produced at the Philadelphia Mint using polished blanks struck by specially prepared dies.

Proof 1964 quarters were intentionally struck at least twice on high-tonnage presses to help bring up even the most minute of details. Most of them feature reflective surfaces and were originally sold in cellophane packets containing a set of other proof coins from 1964 — ranging from the Lincoln penny to Kennedy half dollar.

There is no mintmark on a 1964 proof quarter.

Most proof 1964 quarters sell for $10 to $15 apiece.

The most valuable 1964 proof quarter was graded PR69DCAM by Professional Coin Grading Service and fetched $2,350 in a 2021 sale.

IMPORTANT: What Is The Grade Of Your 1964 Quarter?

To determine the true value of your 1964 Washington quarter, you first need to know what condition (or grade) your coin is in.

This video I made shows how to grade coins yourself at home:

These coin grading apps make grading coins yourself even easier.

Rare 1964 Quarter Errors… And Their Values

It’s not just the nearly “perfect” 1964 quarters that are worth a lot of money!

Some of the most valuable 1964 quarters are those that are imperfect.

Mint errors and varieties are treasured by coin collectors, and any 1964 quarter you find with a true mint error or special variety can be worth hundreds of dollars or more.

Yes, these can still be found today in your everyday pocket change, although people have been pulling silver quarters from circulation for years and saving them.

Let’s take a look at some of these rare 1964 quarter errors and how much they’re worth today:

  • 1964 Doubled Die Quarter Error — There are several kinds of 1964 doubled die quarters, with values generally exceeding $100 apiece.
  • 1964 No Ridges On Edge Quarter / Broadstrike Error — If you find a 1964 quarter with no lines or reeds on the edge of the coin, it may be due to excessive edge wear (from vending machines, for example) or it could be a broadadstrike — worth around $150 and up.
  • 1964 Off Center Quarter ErrorOff-center strikes are pretty cool! Depending on how far off-center your 1964 quarter is, it could be worth at least $50… or more. The most valuable kind of 1964 off-center quarter error would show only about half of the design and a complete 1964 date. Such a piece would be worth more than $300!

TIP: Want to increase your odds of finding valuable old silver quarters worth money? It’s best to look through rolls and boxes of quarters. Many roll searchers find silver coins and other valuable rarities through persistence… and a little luck!

Do you have a 1964 silver quarter? Think there may be something unique about it? Post a picture of your quarter in the comments below and I’ll try to help!

More Info About 1964 Quarter Values

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