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Have A 1947 Wheat Penny? Does It Have A ‘D’ Or ‘S’ Mintmark? Some 1947 Pennies Are Worth $1,000 Or More!

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By Joshua

1947 penny value guide

Have a 1947 wheat penny? Wondering about the 1947 penny value today?

1947 wheat pennies range in value — depending on the mintmark and condition of the coin.

Some 1947 pennies are worth $1,000 or more!

Read on to see what your 1947 wheat penny is worth… 

All 1947 Penny Values

These days, 1947 pennies turn up in pocket change from time to time.

Some are worth more than others.

So what’s the value of your 1947 wheat penny?…

  • A typical, worn 1947 penny that you might find in circulation is worth 3 to 10 cents.
  • It may be worth a little bit more if it’s a nicer 1947 wheat penny that hasn’t been beat up in circulation.
  • A 1947 penny from the Denver (D mintmark) or San Francisco (S mintmark) mints are generally worth a little bit more than a 1947 penny from the Philadelphia Mint (no mintmark).

How Much Are 1947 Proof Pennies Worth?

A lot of folks know the Philadelphia Mint struck proof Lincoln wheat cents and wonder if there were any 1947 proof pennies made.

While the United States Mint did make proof wheat pennies in the 1940s, none were made from 1943 through 1949 (to focus production on essential circulating coinage and the striking of war medals).

Therefore, there are no 1947 proof cents.

What Is The Most Valuable 1947 Penny?

The record price of a 1947 penny is $9,200 — paid in 2002 for a Mint State-67 with original “Red” copper color and certified by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

A Mint State-67 penny is just shy of being in numismatically perfect condition, or MS-70!

There are some coins that are never found in the grade of MS-70, and there are presently no known 1947 wheat pennies in that grade.

Other similarly well-preserved 1947 pennies are worth $1,000 or more.

IMPORTANT: What Is The Grade Of Your 1947 Penny?

To determine the true value of your 1947 wheat penny, you first need to know what condition (or grade) your coin is in.

Grab a coin magnifier and a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book. Then, watch this video to see how to grade coins yourself at home:

These are the best coin grading apps that make grading coins yourself much easier.

How Many 1947 Pennies Were Made?

1947 penny value

While 1947 Lincoln cents don’t turn up all of the time in pocket change, that’s NOT because they are necessarily rare, but rather because many people have hoarded them over the years.

Millions of 1947 pennies are in coin collections, penny jars, and vaults. But there are still many of them floating around in circulation!

You may be surprised to find out that hundreds of millions of 1947 cents were made. Here’s a breakdown on mintage figures for each of 3 mints that produced the 1947 wheat penny:

  • 1947 penny with no mintmark (Philadelphia) — 190,555,000 minted
  • 1947-D penny (Denver) — 194,750,000 minted
  • 1947-S penny (San Francisco) — 99,000,000 minted

That comes to a total of 484,305,000 pennies minted in 1947. (In U.S. dollars, that represents $4,843,050!)

More Info About Valuable 1947 Pennies

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