The Minnesota Quarter Error Is Worth Big Bucks And Can Be Found In Circulation… Look For The Extra Tree On Minnesota State Quarters!

by Joshua

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There’s a Minnesota quarter error out there that’s worth a lot of money.

There is more than one error to be found on Minnesota quarters! Here is how to find all of the 2005 Minnesota state quarter errors.

The Minnesota Extra Tree state quarter error is floating around in pocket change, and if you look hard enough you may just find one!

So… where is the extra tree on the Minnesota quarter? And how much is this error coin worth? 

How To Find The Minnesota Extra Tree Quarter Error

Relatively few of the 50 State Quarters contain any real errors or monumental varieties.

But a couple actually made the news headlines when they were first discovered — like the 2004 Wisconsin quarter with extra leaf, and the one we’re going to talk about today: the 2005 Minnesota quarter with extra tree.

What’s up with the extra foliage on rare state quarters?!…

Many people wonder if the 2004-D Wisconsin quarters with extra high leaves and extra low leaves were intentionally created by a U.S. Mint employee in Denver.

But the 2005 Minnesota quarters with an extra tree appear to have been caused by inadvertent die doubling at the Philadelphia Mint — with fascinating results!

This video provides a glimpse of the 2005 Minnesota Extra Tree quarter and some of the details that you should be looking for:

What’s The 2005 Minnesota Quarter Error Worth?

The 2005-P Minnesota quarter with extra tree is one of the most famous and valuable quarters from the popular state quarters program issued by the United States Mint from 1999 through 2008.

There are actually many different versions of the 2005-P Minnesota quarter doubled die. Yep, there are at least 50 different types of errors, varieties, and other unusual anomalies involving the 2005 Minnesota quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

The value of a Minnesota state quarter error varies, based on the strength and degree of doubling of the extra tree:

  • Those with the strongest doubling generally sell for $100 or more.
  • Some of the best-preserved uncirculated examples are fetching nearly $1,000.

Needless to say, it’s worth checking your pocket change for any of the rare and valuable Minnesota state quarter errors!

All 2005 Minnesota Quarter Errors

Without a doubt, there are enough Minnesota quarter errors and varieties to keep you busy checking your change for many years to come.

Several of these error varieties involve various forms of the Minnesota quarter extra tree error. These have been well documented by coin experts — including Ken Potter and John Wexler, who labored over attributing many of these quarter errors and have listed them all on their websites.

The most helpful guides (with photos!) showing the many 2005 Minnesota quarter errors are:

Tips For Finding A 2005 Minnesota Quarter Error

Don’t think finding a 2005 Minnesota quarter error is going to be easy. They wouldn’t be rare and valuable if they were easy to find!

While you probably won’t strike it rich with the first Minnesota quarter you find after reading this, there are many ways to improve your odds of finding a valuable Minnesota quarter.

Here are some expert tips for finding the rare Minnesota quarter errors and other valuable coins:

  • Check your pocket change. This is probably the most convenient method for finding rare and valuable coins, because all you need to do is dive into your loose change to start hunting for state quarter errors. Of course, the downside to doing this is you’re pretty much limited to looking through only the coins you come into contact with during cash transactions and such. (“But there must be a better way…” Yes there is! Read on…)
  • Go through rolls of coins from your local bank. Many collectors search through bank rolls of coins to increase their odds of finding error coins, old coins, and other interesting items. The benefit of looking through rolls of coins from the bank is that you can search many coins all at once. Also, rolls of coins are generally obtainable for the face value of the coins within. So, if you want to look through rolls of quarters for the 2005 Minnesota quarter error, you need to pay just $10 for the roll, which is the face value of the 40 quarters that come in a standard quarter roll. Keep the ones you like and spend the rest!
  • Cherrypick 2005 U.S. Mint uncirculated sets. It’s possible you could find some of the 2005 Minnesota quarter errors by searching through 2005 uncirculated mint sets. An official modern US Mint uncirculated set contains one coin from each of the U.S. Mint facilities producing circulating coinage. In the case of the 2005 mint set, you’ll find (among other 2005 coinage) 2 Minnesota quarters — 1 each from the Philadelphia Mint and the Denver Mint.

Minnesota Quarter Error

Other Valuable Quarters

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