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Does the X on Kennedy's neck on half dollars refer to his assassination? Does it refer to a communist conspiracy? The secret behind the X on Kennedy's neck.

1966 Quarter Value - See the current value of all 1966 quarters, including rare varieties and errors. Learn how to identify valuable quarters from 1966.

Find a 1776 to 1976 Bicentennial quarter? I'm going to tell you how much your 1976 quarters are worth today. Plus some fun facts about Bicentennial coins.

All 1964 Kennedy silver half dollars are worth more than face value! Some have even sold for more than $100,000! Is your 1964 half dollar worth thousands of dollars, too?

Find out what makes a 1964 Kennedy half dollar worth a lot of money today. See a list of all 1964 silver Kennedy half dollar values.

The Seated Liberty design was first seen in 1836 on a limited number of silver dollars. By 1840, that design had been placed on the obverse of all U.S. coins -- ranging from the half dime through the dollar coin. It also appeared on the briefly struck 20-cent piece. See the value of Liberty Seated coins today.

Why doesn't Washington face "IN GOD WE TRUST" motto on some quarters?

Why is Washington facing away from "In God We Trust" on U.S. quarters? Here's why all the controversy, plus some "IN GOD WE TRUST" on U.S. coins history.

Susan B. Anthony dollars are America's first small-size dollar coin. The entire collection of SBA dollars consists of just 18 coins! (11 made for circulation + 7 made for collectors)

Ultimate Penny Error List - penny errors to look for, common & rare error pennies, unique pennies that look like errors but are not, and how much they're all worth!

The half dime and the nickel are both U.S. 5-cent coins, and both have many interesting designs. See half dime and nickel similarities & differences. Plus the current value of half dimes, tips for collecting them, and how to save money when buying a half dime coin.