Best Coins To Collect: The Top U.S. Coins Worth Holding Onto

While there is no single answer that defines the ‘best’ coins worth collecting (because everyone has a different opinion as to the best coins worth holding onto), here are some ideas and opinions from others who collect coins. See which coins they’ve chosen to collect and why. Hint: They’re NOT all rare U.S. coins!

Why Do Coins Have Ridges On The Sides?

Have you noticed that some U.S. coins have ridges on their edges, while others do not? Why do some coins have edge reeds and other coins have smooth edges? Turns out, there are MANY reasons why coins have ridges… Find out here!

Why Are Coins Made Of Alloys?

Alloys have been used to make U.S. coins for centuries. Why aren’t coins made of pure metal? When did alloys become the norm for U.S. coins? What’s the difference between alloy vs. clad? And how much are coins made from alloys worth? Find out here!

Why Is E Pluribus Unum On Coins?

Learn the origin of the phrase E Pluribus Unum, what E Pluribus Unum means, why E Pluribus Unum appears on U.S. coins, and the significance of this phrase in America.

When Was The First U.S. Dollar Coin Introduced?

You don’t see many dollar coins in circulation today. It’s been a LONG time since Americans were using dollar coins on a regular basis — much less silver dollars! See when the first U.S. dollar coin was made, how it came to be, and a complete list of all U.S. dollar coins ever made.

When Did The U.S. Stop Making Silver Coins?

Everything you want to know about the disappearance of silver coins in America, which silver coins the U.S. Mint is still making, and clever ways to find silver coins on your own today!