10 Coin Collecting Gifts Your Favorite Numismatist Will Love

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coin-gifts-by-shimelle.jpg Gift shopping can be hard for the person who has everything.

So what do you buy the coin collector who’s near and dear to your heart?

Buying coin gifts for the numismatist in your life is easier than you might think.

Take a look at these 10 gift ideas sure to please a coin collector who’s special to you.


10 Gift Ideas For Coin Collectors

Forget the ties and the fruit cake — these 10 coin gifts will let that beloved coin collector in your life know how much you like them.

These coin gift ideas range from the cheap to the expensive, but they all should do a fine job in satisfying the recipient and helping you feel like you really bought a gift sure to be loved.


Loupe Coin Magnifiers

A coin loupe magnifier is a small magnification device that contains at least 2 lenses. (It’s small enough to fit within the palm of your hand.) With the aid of several lenses that can be used with each other to multiply or decrease the magnification power is vitally helpful in spotting critical details on coins that the naked eye and typical magnifying glasses can’t really pick up on.

Loupe coin magnifiers can be bought for as cheap as around $10.


Tickets To A Coin Show

Going to a coin show is as big for a numismatist as attending a concert for a rock & roll fan. So why not give a gift of tickets to a coin show?

Coin shows come in all shapes and sizes. If the recipient is fortunate enough to live near a major metropolis, there will likely be a large or even major coin show taking place nearby. Check listings of local coin shows and see what’s going on in the recipient’s neck of the woods — then find out what you’ve got to do to get tickets.

Cost usually isn’t a big issue — many shows cost less than $10 per ticket!


ANA Membership

The leading numismatic group in the United States is the American Numismatic Association. Chartered back in 1891, the ANA has been a leading voice in the coin collecting world for some 12 decades.

Basic membership costs $28, though I suggest springing for the regular membership, which costs $46 and delivers monthly issues of The Numismatists, a highly informative color magazine that dives deep into the hobby and always teaches even the most advanced coin collectors something new.


A Good Coin Book

When it comes to giving gifts to coin collectors, nothing beats a good coin book. Sure, we have the Internet, but some coin books contain in one small place what has to be located on several different websites — and you don’t need a WiFi connection or laptop to read a coin book!

If you’ve got some around $200 to spare, one of the best coin books appreciated by any collector of United States coins is Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins.

If that’s a little expensive for you, A Guide Book of United States Coins costs around $17 and is a popular annual publication that’s been around since 1947. Both books are highly respected in the numismatic community.

There are, of course, tons of other coin books, but these are 2 good staples on opposite sides of the price spectrum.


Coin Magazine

If you can’t decide on a coin book, then consider giving the gift of a coin magazine subscription. There are several popular coin magazines available. Check out this list of coin magazines and see which you think may appeal to the coin collector on your gift-giving list.


Coin Computer Program

A popular variation of coin-related computer programs are the several coin inventory CD-ROMs available. These help organize coin collections, track the coins in them, and even help in tracking coin values. Coin Collector’s Assistant is one such program.


Bullion Coins

American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles are well-known bullion coins used as investments for their intrinsic metal value. Even if the coin collector in your life isn’t much into collecting bullion, bullion coins are great for holding value in coin form.

The coin collector can hang onto the bullion coins for personal investment purposes or enjoyment or, instead, may choose to sell the bullion coin to buy more coins for his or her coin collection.

Bullion coin prices change can change by the minute and are sold by most coin dealers.


Commemorative Coins

Besides being a coin collector, is there anything else that numismatist likes? Baseball? Military history? Historical figures? Well, there are dozens of commemorative coins that honor all those things and more.

Do some shopping online or at your local coin dealer and see if there any coins that seem to speak to the other sides of that special coin collector.


United States Mint Subscription

Did you know that the United States Mint has a subscription program?

From individual coins to coin sets, you can register the recipient to receive new coins as they’re released from the United States Mint, you’ll be billed for each purchase — and you can stop the program whenever you like, too.

Be sure to check out the different subscription options and see which may suit you and that coin collector you’re shopping for.


Coin Gift Card

Still can’t decide what to give?

If worse comes to worse, you can always opt to buy a coin gift card of coin gift certificate. Check with your local coin dealer or a major online coin dealer and see what they have to offer for special coin gift cards you can give.

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