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Do you know what your coins are worth? This handy guide shows you how to find the value of ANY coin yourself. Find current coin prices today!

Tips for building a 20th century type coin set is a collection of coins which includes one of each design from each denomination the United States produced between 1900 and 1999. It's a fun -- and relatively simple -- way to collect U.S. coins.

Wondering how to buy rolls of coins for coin roll searching? See the best places to buy rolls of coins + Everything you need to know before buying rolls of coins!

Professional coin collectors use very unique words when describing coins. Here are the top 10 coin terms you need to know to succeed in coin collecting.

Looking for coin classifieds? Want to sell coins online? Here are some professional coin auction sites, coin dealers, coin consignment sites, and other places where you can list your coins for sale. Or, you can post your coins for sale on this site... for free.

There are several coin price guides out there, but I mostly use the official Red Book and the Black Book. How to choose the right price guide for you coin collection.

Fun With Coins When You’re Stuck Indoors - 5 fun things to do with coins to avoid cabin fever, have a lot of fun, and (maybe) make you a little richer too!

Here are 6 tips for buying coins from coin dealers, including insider tips for how to act when you're in a coin dealer's store, plus what to expect in terms of coin prices and values.

Handling an estate coin collection can be a difficult task, but these 5 tips will make that daunting task much easier for you.