How To Find Coin Books, Coin Videos & Coin Magazines At Your Local Library

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The Internet offers a wealth of information about coin collecting and other aspects of numismatics. However, sometimes you simply have to refer to a good book, video, or magazine to find out more about the topic you want to research.

Going to a bookstore is great, but sometimes even the biggest bookstore doesn’t have the publication you want. Or, maybe you want to find the information for free!

Going to the library can be a great way to look for coin publications and videos geared toward your interests.

Here’s what to look for…

Some libraries can be a little thin on the number of coin resources that they offer.

However, many county library systems offer sharing programs with other libraries in their system.

These programs allow you to check out books and videos at a different library and have it shipped to the library nearest to you — so you can more easily pick it up.

Where To Find Coin Books In The Library

So many books, so many shelves… but where is the coin book you are looking for?

A librarian can help lead the way to the coin book you are looking for.

But if you want to be able to walk into a library and find a coin book on your own, simply refer to the Dewey Decimal System. All numismatic books will be found in the “737” section.

This is the case for all libraries that use the standard Dewey Decimal System.

Where To Find Coin Videos

While I can easily say I have checked out dozens of coin books from the library since the early 1990s, I also have checked out numerous coin videos.

Coin videos are good for the collector who likes visual explanations.

Your local library may or may not have a wide selection of coin videos, but be sure to check out other locations within your county’s library system. Just like books, most library locations will ship videos from one library to another within a library system.

Where To Find Coin Magazines

Coin magazines can be found at some libraries.

Check the library’s Periodicals section to see if your local library has any on hand.

Magazines are sometimes considered “reference only” at some libraries, which simply means they cannot be checked out. But even if you have to read it there, it’s nice to have coin magazines available to you in this way.

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