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Reviews Of Coin Products

I've been collecting coins for years. See why I keep my coins in albums, and why coin albums are so popular for storing Lincoln cents & ALL types of coins!

There are several coin price guides out there, but I mostly use the official Red Book and the Black Book. How to choose the right price guide for you coin collection.

See how to weigh coins on a scale, how to calibrate a digital scale for weighing coins, and the best coin scale that's affordable.

I've used a lot of coin collecting magnifiers! See what the best magnifying glass for coins is, why you need one, and why the magnification you choose matters

Coin folders and coin albums each have their own pros & cons. Keep in mind your own needs as a coin collector before you buy either one. I like to use coin albums for my most expensive coin collections and coin folders for all the rest.

I recently found a great coin collecting starter set for young coin collectors. See why I like the US Mint's Explore & Discover Kit and why it's such a great gift for kids!

cheap coin supplies

Collecting coins on a shoestring budget? Need a way to display, store, or organize your coins? Here are 5 cheap coin supplies you simply can't be without.

The XP DEUS metal detector is 4 metal detectors in one and the first wireless metal detector EVER! See why this lifelong metal detectorist loves the XP DEUS.

Trying to find the perfect coin gift for someone? These 5 coin gift ideas are sure to please even the non-numismatists in your life.