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Unique & Fun Coin Gifts For Coin Collectors

silver-coin-rings-made-from-quarters.jpgIf there’s a coin collector in your life — or even a non-collector who is just a little interested in some specific coins — then you’ll appreciate this list of coin gift ideas.

You can bet no one else is going to get these things for your friend (or yourself)!

These one-of-a-kind coin-related items make great Christmas and Birthday gifts for anyone with coins, even if they’re just a beginner.

Some of these fun gifts can also be personalized in unique ways, too.

Unique Coin Gifts

  • Coin Magazine Subscription — There are only a few that are well respected among coin collectors, including: Coin World, Numismatic News, Coins Magazine, and Coin Prices. (<$40)
  • Coin Rings — If coin jewelry is your thing, then these rings made from coins are sure to be a hit. Very unique and hard to find. (<$50)
  • Rainy Day Fund Catcher — Save your pennies (and nickels, dimes, quarters, and keys) for a rainy day with this adorable umbrella change bowl. It’s a quick & easy way to save spare change on a daily basis. (<$55)
  • Coin T-Shirts & Gifts — Hundreds of great gift ideas for the novice coin collector or the expert numismatist. Fun gifts with coins on them! (<$50)
  • Birth Year Gift Coin Sets (Framed) — This is just the frame set — you need to purchase the coins separately or choose a frame that would accommodate the recipient’s own coins. (<$30)
  • Personalized Coins — They will engrave your personal info onto a coin. Their nickel- and gold-plated coins are as brilliant and shiny as high-priced jewelry. (<$20)
  • Lamp With Magnifier — This desk lamp is perfect for coin collectors. It has a 10X magnifying glass lens, a gooseneck flexible arm, a flip-down cover to keep dust off the lens, it’s heavy metal, and the cool-white light renders colors perfectly reduces eye fatigue. (<$30)
  • Coin Jewelry — Choose from Belt Buckles & Bolos, cuff links, pendants, watches, and money clips ($20+).
  • Commemorative Coins — You should only purchase “official” commemorative coins from the U.S. Mint, most of the other commemoratives on the market are not legally authorized coins. ($20+)
  • 50 State Quarters Set — The complete set includes all of the state quarters in uncirculated condition. (<$50)
  • Red Book Coin Price Guide — For the most part, this is the coin collector’s bible. Coin collectors frequently refer to price guides to see what their newly obtained coins are worth. That’s why they would surely appreciate having the newest edition for all of the most current coin values. (<$10)
  • Mint Set For A Particular Year — Choose from lots of different sets — including wheat cents, Indian head pennies, Jefferson nickels, Washington quarters, and more. (<$30)
These one-of-a-kind coin-related items make great Holiday and Birthday gifts for friends or relatives who are coin collectors -- even beginners!

If you’re giving someone a coin, then you’ll need just a high-quality wooden coin box for your special gift. Lots more shapes and sizes from Jake’s Coin Gift Boxes.