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While looking for rare coins in my spare change jar, I found the easiest way to check a coin’s value online, what coins to look for in change, and the best U.S. coins to keep.

How are coin varieties and coin errors different? Why does it matter? What are these unusual coins worth? All you need to know about U.S. coin oddities.

You can still find these 5 types of old coins worth money in your pocket change today! Here's how much they're worth. Plus tips for finding them yourself.

The Seated Liberty design was first seen in 1836 on a limited number of silver dollars. By 1840, that design had been placed on the obverse of all U.S. coins -- ranging from the half dime through the dollar coin. It also appeared on the briefly struck 20-cent piece. See the value of Liberty Seated coins today.

1975 Roosevelt Dimes

Have any old dimes - like a 1975 Roosevelt dime without a mintmark? How to tell if you have rare dimes, what makes a 1975 dime valuable, and where to find them.

Some 1988 dimes are worth more than $1,500!

Everything you want to know about 1988 dime values, 1988 error dimes, 1988 Full Bands dimes, mintmarks on 1988 dimes. See how much your 1988 dime is worth!

The half dime and the nickel are both U.S. 5-cent coins, and both have many interesting designs. See half dime and nickel similarities & differences. Plus the current value of half dimes, tips for collecting them, and how to save money when buying a half dime coin.

Grading U.S. Dimes: Here's how to determine the grade (condition) of your circulated dimes -- Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, and Barber dimes.

You want to be able to look at a coin and determine an approximate grade - which will then yield info about the coin's worth. See how to grade a coin yourself!