1984 Quarter Values: See Which 1984 Quarters Are The Most Valuable Ones

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Looking for the rare and valuable 1984 quarter worth more than face value?

Believe it or not, there really are 1984 quarters that you should be saving!

In this article, you will find out exactly what to look for on a 1984 Washington quarter — so you’ll know which ones are valuable and which ones are safe to spend.

First, we have some interesting facts about 1984 quarters to share with you. Next, you’ll see the current value of most 1984 quarters. And finally, you’ll learn which features on 1984 quarters are actually rare and valuable errors or varieties that are worth a lot of money!

Fun Facts About 1984 Quarters

Some 1984 quarters are worth more than $1,200! Find out how much your 1984 quarters are worth today.

The Washington quarter was originally released in 1932 and designed by John Flanagan. The heads side (obverse) of the 1984 quarter shows a bust of Revolutionary War general and first United States president George Washington. On the tails side (reverse) of the Washington quarter is a heraldic eagle.

Where is the mintmark on a 1984 quarter?

You’re probably wondering if there is a 1984 no-mintmark quarter worth looking for. The answer is no.

All 1984 quarters have mintmarks, which indicate where the coin was made.

The mintmark on a 1984 quarter can be found on the obverse (heads side) of the coin — on the right, directly behind the bow in Washington’s ponytail.

Every 1984 quarter has one of these 3 mintmarks:

  • “P” for the Philadelphia Mint
  • “D” for the Denver Mint
  • “S” for the San Francisco Mint

Are there any 1984 silver quarters?

Many people want to know how much 1984 silver quarters are worth.

While 1984 silver quarter values would undoubtedly be high if any of these coins existed… there are none known at this time.

Since there are no rare and valuable 1984 silver quarters out there, this is one unicorn of a coin that you can scratch off your list!

How much do 1984 quarters weigh?

All 1984 quarters were made from a copper-nickel clad composition.

Typical 1984 clad quarters weigh 5.67 grams — with a tolerance of .227 grams, more or less.

Well-worn 1984 quarters could weigh considerably less due to the loss of metal through the “wear and tear” of circulation.

If you don’t already have a coin scale, these are the best scales for weighing U.S. coins. (Also, another helpful tool for inspecting your coins more closely is a coin magnifier.) 

Are 1984 quarters rare?

The United States Mint struck more than 1.2 billion 1984 quarters — that’s a lot of quarters!

As such, the 1984 Washington quarter isn’t categorically rare.

But… that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rare 1984 quarters worth money! (We talk about those at the end of this article.)

How Much Is A 1984 Quarter Worth Today?

Now, let’s see which 1984 quarters are worth more than face value…

1984-P Quarter Value

With a mintage of 676,545,000, the 1984-P quarter from the Philadelphia Mint is indeed a common coin. (Chances are you’ve probably found one in your pocket change quite recently.)

Here’s how much this coin is worth:

  • Because there are so many 1984-P quarters out there, worn (AKA “circulated”) examples are worth just face value of 25 cents.
  • Uncirculated 1984-P quarters that have no wear (because they have not been used as money) are generally worth $1 to $3.
  • The most valuable 1984-P quarter was graded Mint-State 67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for a whopping $1,292.50 in 2016.

1984-D Quarter Value

The Denver Mint struck 546,483,064 quarters in 1984 — so the 1984-D quarter is certainly a common coin.

Here’s how much this coin is worth:

  • Any worn 1984-D quarters are worth only their face value of 25 cents.
  • An uncirculated 1984-D quarter has a value of $1 to $3.
  • The most valuable 1984-D quarter was graded Mint-State 67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and fetched $780 in a 2019 auction.

1984-S Quarter Value

Can’t seem to find any 1984-S quarters in your spare change? There’s a reason for that… 1984-S quarters were not made for circulation.

That’s right — all 1984 quarters struck at the San Francisco Mint were made just for coin collectors. They were made as proof coins for proof sets, which were sold by the U.S. Mint directly to the public.

Proof coins represent some of the very best quality of coins that the U.S. Mint can produce, and the 1984-S quarters are no exception to this. They were produced using polished blanks that were intentionally struck at least twice by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage coin presses — to ensure that every little detail is visible on the coin.

Here’s how much this coin is worth:

  • The San Francisco Mint struck 3,065,110 of the 1984-S quarters, and they are worth $3 to $5 each.
  • The most valuable 1984-S quarter was graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $380 in a 2003 sale.

IMPORTANT: What Is The Grade Of Your 1984 Quarter?

To determine the true value of your 1984 quarter, you first need to know what condition (or grade) your coin is in.

So, grab a coin loupe and a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book. Then, watch this video to see how to grade coins yourself at home:

These are the best coin grading apps that make grading coins yourself SO much easier!

Rare 1984 Error Quarters To Look For

You might be surprised to find out that some of the most valuable 1984 quarters are those that contain oddities.

Yes, most of the odd-looking 1984 quarters you’re going to find in your spare change are merely post-mint damaged coins — and damaged coins are usually worth just their face value.

But the values are high on 1984 quarters with true errors and varieties!

The errors and varieties on 1984 quarters that you might actually come across in pocket change include:

1984 Off-Center Error Quarter

Off-center errors are really cool — especially when a lot of the design is missing.

Not all 1984 off-center quarters are worth money though. For example, those that are off just 1% or 2% usually are way too common to bring in the big bucks.

However, a 1984 quarter that is 5% or 10% off center may take $20 or $30. If you find a 1984 quarter that’s missing 50% of its design yet still showing a complete date, then you may have just landed $200 or more!

1984 No Ridge Smooth Edge Quarter Error

Most 1984 quarters with no ridges (or a smooth edge) are just heavily worn coins that are worth face value. Quarters are especially prone to having smooth edges due to their extensive use in vending machines. (People handle the edges of the coins to put them into the vending machine coin slot, and then the coins experience even more edge wear in the machine.)

But there is a kind of no ridge smooth edge quarter that’s a real error worth money. It’s a broadstrike error coin.

The broadstrike 1984 quarters are generally wider and thinner than normal — because they weren’t struck within their retaining collar, which keeps the coin the correct size and imparts the edge reeding on the coin.

A 1984 broadstrike quarter can bring $20 to $30… or more.

1984 Doubled Die Quarter Error

What is the 1984 doubled die quarter value worth?

That’s the kind of question we receive a lot.

A doubled die coin results when it was struck by a die that was accidentally engraved with a doubled image, resulting in a slightly overlapping misalignment of the same design twice.

Unfortunately, there really aren’t any highly valuable 1984 doubled die quarters out there. Most of the doubling known to exist on 1984 quarters is caused by machine doubling — and that’s not an error, but rather a common defect.

There are some minor 1984 doubled die quarters that are relatively obscure to most collectors — and therefore they don’t command high values. Though some may trade for $25 to $50 or more.