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What Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth? See The Current 1921 Silver Dollar Value (Morgan Dollars & Peace Dollars)

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By Joshua

Many people have 1921 silver dollars, so it’s little surprise that we receive tons of questions from readers who want to know how much these old coins are worth.

However, finding the value of a 1921 silver dollar is sometimes more difficult than just going online and looking up 1921 silver dollar values.

That’s because there are two different types (or designs) of 1921 silver dollars:

  1. One type of 1921 dollar coin is worth only a nominal amount over silver value in most cases.
  2. The other type of 1921 dollar coin is relatively rare and has a value generally exceeding $100.

In this article, I will help you determine:

  • Which type of 1921 silver dollar you have
  • How much your 1921 silver dollars are worth

Do You Have A 1921 Morgan Dollar Or A 1921 Peace Dollar?

Before you can find out what your 1921 silver dollar is worth, you’ve got to know what type of dollar coin you have.

As I mentioned, there are two different kinds of 1921 silver dollar (not including the different mintmark combinations, errors, and die varieties — or minor tweaks and other minute design modifications).

The United States Mint made silver dollars in two distinct designs in 1921:

It’s really easy to tell if a 1921 silver dollar is a Morgan dollar versus a Peace dollar…

What A Morgan Dollar Coin Looks Like

The Morgan dollar was minted from 1878 through 1904… and once more in 1921.

The Morgan silver dollar was designed by its namesake designer George T. Morgan.

It features an obverse (“heads” side) design of Miss Liberty and reverse (“tails” side) design of an eagle.

Most Morgan dollars are common, not rare. In fact, the 1921 Morgan silver dollar is the most common of all in the series!

There are several die varieties to be found among the 1921 Morgan dollar coins — though many are pretty common.

As for the different mintmarks… all 1921 Morgan silver dollar coins, regardless of where they were made, are categorically common, including:

  • 1921 No Mintmark Morgan silver dollar (Philadelphia)
  • 1921-D Morgan silver dollar (Denver)
  • 1921-S Morgan silver dollar (San Francisco)

I will discuss the 1921 Morgan dollar value in a minute…

What A Peace Dollar Coin Looks Like

Peace dollar coins were minted during two periods:

  • 1921 through 1928
  • 1934 through 1935

Peace silver dollar coins feature an obverse (“heads” side) design of a young Miss Liberty that is reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

On the reverse (“tails” side) of the Peace dollar is a design featuring a bald eagle on a mountaintop looking toward a sunrise.

The Peace dollar coin was designed by Anthony de Francisci.

While most Peace silver dollars are relatively common, all 1921 Peace dollar coins are scarce.

The differences between rare vs. scarce coins.

1921 Peace dollar coins were minted in small quantities, and all were struck with a thick, high-relief design.

Now, let’s get to what you came here for — to see the 1921 silver dollar value!…

What Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth?

Now that you’ve seen the differences between the two main types of silver dollar coins and you know which one you have, you’ll be able to figure out how much your 1921 silver dollar is worth.

Here are the mintage numbers indicating how many 1921 silver dollar coins were made (for both Morgan dollars and Peace dollars) and how much they’re worth today:

  • 1921 no mintmark Morgan silver dollar (Philadelphia): 44,690,000 minted — $20 to $30+
  • 1921-D Morgan silver dollar (Denver): 20,345,000 minted — $20 to $30+
  • 1921-S Morgan silver dollar (San Francisco): 21,695,000 minted — $20 to $30+
  • 1921 no mintmark Peace silver dollar (all were minted in Philadelphia): 1,006,473 minted — $100 to $150+

*Values are for circulated coins without any errors or unusual varieties. Uncirculated specimens and any with errors or varieties may be worth more. Values for circulated 1921 Morgan silver dollars largely depend on the prevailing silver bullion value

Are There Any Rare 1921 Silver Dollars?

You’re probably wondering if there are any super rare 1921 silver dollars, or some that are worth even more than the values listed above.

Believe it or not, there are some extremely rare 1921 silver dollar coins that are worth as much as $150,000!

Here’s the information you’re looking for with regard to rare 1921 silver dollar values:

Who knows, there may be other rare 1921 silver dollar coins that will eventually be discovered and become highly valuable!

Be sure to check back here occasionally to see the latest 1921 silver dollar value — because we update the values for these coins.

More About 1921 Silver Dollar Values

Do you have a 1921 Peace Dollar or a 1921 Morgan Dollar? Think there may be something unique about it? Post a picture of your coin in the comments below and I’ll try to help determine your 1921 silver dollar value!