11 Reasons To Start Collecting Coins… Right Now!

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By Joshua

Here I am back in 1994 showing off some of the coins in my collection. I've been collecting coins for many years, and I love that I can enjoy a hobby that costs very little and yet offers so much enjoyment.

Coin collecting is known as “the hobby of kings and queens” — because it dates back more than 2,000 years to ancient royalty.

So, why is now the perfect time to begin your adventure in coin collecting?

The hobby of coin collecting hasn’t been as popular as it is today in a very long time. So many people are discovering (or, in some cases, rediscovering) just how exciting and rewarding collecting coins is.

I began collecting coins in the early 1990s — and all these years later, I still keep discovering more and more reasons for collecting coins!

Today, I’m going to share 11 reasons why you should start collecting coins right now:

My Top 11 Reasons To Collect Coins

Thinking of getting started in coin collecting? We've got the tips and resources you need to start collecting coins on a budget. Start here!

#1 – It’s easy.

You can begin your coin collecting journey right from the coins in your loose change or coin jar.

Imagine beginning a lifelong hobby for just a few cents! With coin collecting, that’s exactly how it goes. And that’s how I started.

My adventure in numismatics began when I found a 1941 Lincoln wheat penny in my allowance change. It was my curiosity about this old coin that lured me into a fun journey that has reshaped my life… and my career.

#2 – You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Coin collecting is an affordable hobby that can even be enjoyed even when you’re on a budget.

Sure, if you happen to have the financial resources available to you, then you could spend a good chunk of change building a coin collection that others would be envious of.

But the truth is you don’t need to spend much money at all to build a meaningful coin collection. The types and varieties and years of coins that you choose to collect are 100% up to you — there are no “rules.”

I love that I can enjoy a hobby that costs very little and yet offers so much enjoyment!

#3 – You can find valuable coins in pocket change.

Did you know that you can find coins worth hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars right in your pocket change?

It’s true! There are all kinds of rare and valuable pennies, quarters, errors and varieties, — even silver coins — that you can easily find in circulation.

People have made some pretty amazing discoveries with the coins they find in circulation and in bank rolls — including coins like the 1943 bronze penny, 1982-D copper small date penny, and 1965 silver Washington quarter. Those are all worth thousands of dollars! As for me, I’m still looking… (Ha ha).

#4 – There are endless coins to collect.

There’s a whole lot more than “just” Lincoln pennies, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, and Washington quarters out there!

The United States alone has produced hundreds of different types of coins since the U.S. Mint was established in 1792!

And that’s just counting the U.S. coins… If you expand your sights to all the coins of the world from the ancient times to the current, there are quite literally no bounds — there’s an endless variety of coins you can collect.

And new kinds of coin are being made all the time. You will never run out of different kinds of coins to collect! Imagine that…

#5 – Coin values tend to rise over time.

Coin values often go up. And because of this, it may be better to jump in and buy the rare coins you want now — before prices quite possibly go up in the future.

Yes, there are lots of “oftens,” “maybes,” and “possiblys” here. But take it from me, there are so many cool coins I wish I had bought in the 1990s and 2000s that today are worth multiples of their values back then!

I had the chance, and I missed it. Don’t let this happen to you, too. While I can’t promise coin values will always go up (some coin values actually go down), many do go up… and stay up!

#6 – Some rare coins are worth more than ever.

Values are rising for a wide variety of U.S. coins. In fact, some of the rarest coins are entering “8 figure” territory!

  • The first coin to do so was a rare 1794 silver dollar that sold for more than $10 million to set a new record price.
  • In 2021, a rare and valuable gold coin known as the 1933 double eagle almost doubled that record to sell for nearly $19 million!
  • Also in 2021, a 1787 gold Brasher Doubloon sold for $9.36 million — just shy of 8 figures.
  • Several other rare coins have recently broken other kinds of price records, too.

Things are looking up for valuable rare coins!

#7 – Online coin buying has made it even easier to collect old rare coins.

OK, so maybe you can’t always find the coins you want in circulation. Some old, rare coins simply don’t turn up with any great frequency in pocket change — so if you want them, you have to buy them from a local coin dealer.

Now, I absolutely love shopping for coins at a brick-and-mortar coin shop — you can see the coins in person, ask questions, and buy the coin you want right then and there.

But buying coins from online coin dealers is a convenient and safe alternative to buying coins at a physical coin shop. There are now more coin dealers than ever selling coins online!

#8 – You can travel through time when you’re collecting coins.

What do I mean?

Well, coins are like a portal to the past — history you can hold in your hands, as some might say. With so many people looking to escape the realities of today, coins can give you a healthy outlet for exploring the times of yesteryear.

Holding a coin in your hand from any period — say World War II, the Gilded Era, or even Ancient Rome — can stir fanciful notions of what was going on in the world at the time that coin was made.

This could even lead you to study people, places, and events in history that you may have “heard about” but never really knew much about. Think of the fun you could have in doing that!

If you’re a history buff like I am, then coin collecting as a hobby will be right up your alley!

#9 – There’s more coin info at your fingertips than ever before.

When I first got involved in coin collecting in the early 1990s, I studied up on the hobby by way of reading books and magazines and asking people a lot of questions.I also learned a lot form my local coin dealer. (That’s one reason why I say it still pays to visit coin dealers in their brick-and-mortar stores!)

Today, you can learn all about coin collecting online through websites like this one (The Fun Times Guide To Coins).

I still have a sizable numismatic library at home. And sometimes nothing beats reading a good book. But it’s really amazing how much info I can find about any coin I want with simply a few clicks of a keyboard or taps on a screen!

#10 – You can participate in coin club meetings… virtually.

The advancement of technology now allows you to join many coin club meetings right from the comfort of your home.

Coin clubs are awesome for building lasting friendships within the hobby, finding out new and interesting things about coins, and showing off some of your latest finds.

But for some people, getting to a physical coin club meeting can be hard — due to distance, timing with appointments, other obligations, or health.

With so many coin clubs offering meetings online via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms, it’s never been easier to join a coin club and attend meetings!

#11 – There are lots of fun new opportunities just waiting for you to explore!

Whether you’re inspired to collect coins because of their value, you enjoy building and completing sets of coins (like the 50 state quarters set), or you are simply searching for a new hobby… coin collecting is where it’s at.

Today’s the day that you can begin an exciting journey that can last a lifetime and help open your eyes to a new world of discovery and adventure — maybe even wealth.

And this can all be as close to you as the coins in your pocket or purse.

Happy collecting!

A few years ago, I shared these 5 Reasons To Get Started Coin Collecting. Most of them still apply. But the times they are a changin’ — and I wanted to share my current thinking on the subject. Plus, I enjoy collecting coins so much that I’m always looking for another opportunity to invite others to join this fun and exciting hobby with me.

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