3 Tips For Starting A Budget Coin Collection For Under $20

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budget-coin-collectingWe’re all minding our budgets more closely these days, but we still need to have fun, too.

However, if you think coin collecting is a luxurious hobby that you need oodles of money to take part in, then you must not be aware of the many budget-friendly options available for collecting coins on the cheap.

In fact, it’s entirely possible to begin a decent U.S. coin collection for less than $20. How, you ask?

If you’re interested in starting a basic coin collection of Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, or Washington quarters, here are some ideas that can help you take your coin collecting goals to flight…


#1 – Buy a coin folder.

For less than $5, you can buy a coin folder at your local bookstore, coin dealer, or on Amazon. Coin folders are perfectly fine for keeping common, worn coins organized and displayed. And they’re much safer than simply storing your coins in a cigar box, glass jar, or other random container.


#2 – Check coin rolls for the dates you need.

If you can’t afford shopping at a coin dealer for the coins you need to fill your coin folders, be sure to check out rolls of coins. Searching coin rolls is a great way to find the dates you need. Of course, there are never any guarantees you’ll find the coins you need, but this can be far more efficient and fruitful than simply waiting for the coins you need by checking your pocket change.

Here’s a look at what it costs for each of these 4 denominations of coin rolls:

  • Pennies: 50 cents
  • Nickels: $2
  • Dimes: $5
  • Quarters: $10


#3 – Buy a good coin collecting book.

While the coin information on the Internet is essentially free, nothing beats having a trusty coin collecting guide you can actually open up in your hands and read whenever you want. One of the best all-around coin price guides is A Guide Book of United States Coins, by R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett. The newest edition is available on Amazon.


With a good coin book, coin folder, and a roll or two of coins to get you started, you can be well on your way to enjoying a wonderful, lifelong hobby for as little as $20!

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