Collecting Roosevelt Dimes: Values & Key Dates

roosevelt-dimes-photo-by-joshua.JPG Collecting Roosevelt dimes can be both fun and challenging. After all, while Roosevelt dimes flood our pocket change, it can be a bit costly for some to buy and assemble a collection of the silver Roosevelt dimes.

Roosevelt dimes were first made in 1946.

In 1965, the United States Mint began striking copper-nickel clad Roosevelt dimes.

While many Roosevelt dimes can be had for face value or a nominal premium over silver bullion value, there are some Roosevelt dimes that are worth tens, even hundreds, of dollars.


Roosevelt Dimes: Fun & Challenging To Collect

Upon first thought, you may not think there’s much to get excited about with Roosevelt dimes. After all, there have been…

  • No design changes on the Roosevelt dime… ever
  • No major regular-strike rarities
  • No big time news stories about Roosevelt dimes

…And then you realize that Roosevelt dimes

  • Are 90% silver from 1946 to 1964 and for certain proofs since 1992
  • Are mostly inexpensive and easy to collect
  • Include a couple rare errors
  • Once bore a ‘W’ (West Point New York) mint mark

Roosevelt Dime Key Dates & Interesting Tidbits

So, you still think Roosevelt dimes are boring? I didn’t think so! Let’s look at some of the key dates, rarities, and other interesting things you’ll find in the Roosevelt dime series.

The Roosevelt dime regular-strike ‘key’ dates and their values in uncirculated grades are:

  • 1949-S ($5 to $8)
  • 1955 ($5 to $8)
  • 1955-D ($5 to $8)
  • 1955-S ($5 to $8)
  • 1996-W — released only in mint sets ($15 to $20)

There are also a score of unintended rarities in the Roosevelt dime series; all estimated values are for coins in either uncirculated or proof:

  • 1960 doubled-die obverse — proof ($200 to $300)
  • 1963 doubled-die reverse — proof ($200 to $300)
  • 1964-D doubled-die reverse ($100)
  • 1968 no-S — proof ($14,000 to $18,000)
  • 1970 no-S — proof ($800 to $1,000)
  • 1982 no-mint mark ($250 to $500)
  • 1983 no-S — proof ($800 to $900)

Roosevelt Dime Values

Unless you Roosevelt dime is one of those listed above, you can generally expect your piece won’t be worth very much money.

Even silver Roosevelt dimes aren’t worth much more than their silver bullion value — even if uncirculated.

Here’s a look at average values for most Roosevelt dimes not listed above:

  • Worn silver Roosevelt dimes from 1946 to 1964 ($1 to $2)
  • Uncirculated silver Roosevelt dimes from 1946 to 1964 ($2 to $3)
  • Worn copper-nickel clad Roosevelt dimes 1965 to present (10 cents)
  • Uncirculated copper-nickel clad Roosevelt dimes 1965 to present (20 cents to 50 cents)

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