2009 U.S. Mint Coins: Old Favorites And Stunning New Designs

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Ultra-High-Relief-Double-Eagle-Gold-Coin-Obverse-photo-public-domain-on-US-Mint.jpg The United States Mint is always turning out new and exciting numismatic products.

Summer 2009 promises to offer even more wonderful coins and coins sets for coin collectors!

The summer 2009 U.S. Mint coins will include several old standbys, a few new kids on the block, and some silver and gold pieces that will really brighten up your collection.

2009 U.S. Mint Proof Sets

A coin collector’s favorite, U.S. Mint proof sets are again being sold by the U.S. Mint. Sales started on June 1, 2009.

The 2009 proof set includes the following 18 coins:

The 2009 proof set is selling for $29.95 from the U.S. Mint catalog.

2009 Mint Coins Set

The mint set is another item that collectors snap up from the U.S. Mint every year.

The U.S. Mint set includes uncirculated coins.

The 2009 mint coins set, which should become available during summer 2009, is slated to include a whopping 36 coins!

It will include the same 18 coins as in the proof set listed above, except there will 2 examples of each coin — one from the Philadelphia mint and one struck at the Denver mint.

Pricing information is not available at the time of this writing.

2009 DC And Territories U.S. Mint Quarters Map

Collecting the DC & U.S. Territories Quarters out of circulation is a lot of fun.

But where are you going to put all of your new quarter finds?

Why not place them in the brand new DC & U.S. Territories Quarters Map? It’s being sold by the U.S. Mint for $12.95.

The new map is a folding, multi-color display board which has slots for each of the 2009 quarters.

2009 Silver DC And Territories Quarters U.S. Mint Proof Set

Speaking of the DC & U.S. Territories Quarters, don’t forget to check out the 90% silver proof versions of the 2009 quarters!

For $29.95, the handsome set of silver proof DC & U.S. Territories Quarters can be yours straight from the U.S. Mint catalog.

2009 Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin

2009-Ultra-High-Relief-Double-Eagle-Gold-coin-reverse-photo-public-domain-on-US-Mint.jpgThis beautiful gold coin is a production based off the 1907 Extremely High Relief Double Eagle.

The image on the Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle gold coin was designed by noted sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who originally had intended the double eagle to be struck with a very high relief.

However, production capabilities in the early 1900s would not accommodate mass production of a coin with a relief as high as Saint-Gaudens had desired. Thus, Double Eagles with lower relief designs were produced.

The 2009 Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle coin includes one ounce of 24 karat gold. The 2009 Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle gold coin became available on June 3, 2009. It currently sells for $1,289.00 from the U.S. Mint catalog.

2009 U.S. Mint Guam Quarter

The 3rd quarter of the DC & U.S. Territories Quarters series was released on June 4, 2009.

Purchasing the Guam quarter directly from the U.S. Mint is easy, thanks to many roll, set, and individual coin options.

The Guam 2-Quarter Roll Set, which includes 40 Philadelphia pieces and 40 Denver examples of the Guam quarter costs $32.95 and can be purchased from the U.S. Mint catalog.

Or, for the same $32.95, you can purchase either 100 Philadelphia or Denver quarters in bags from the U.S. Mint.

Don’t forget, you can also find proof versions of the Guam quarter in the various proof sets available from the United States Mint.

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  1. hello my  name  is   Gabriel.  question .       I have  an 1874 old  san  francisco  mint  coin   that was wondering   if  it  had  any  value  or  not  were  could  i  find   some  info  that  could  help  me     

    • Hi, Gabriel —

      We’ll be happy to help you better determine how much your 1874-S coin is worth it, but we’ll need to know the denomination, please. Is your coin a half dollar? Quarter?


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