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1975 Roosevelt Dimes

Have any old dimes - like a 1975 Roosevelt dime without a mintmark? How to tell if you have rare dimes, what makes a 1975 dime valuable, and where to find them.

How much is a 1999 New Jersey quarter worth? If it has errors, it's worth thousands of dollars! See the value of your New Jersey state quarter here.

The statehood quarter program began in 1999 and continued through 2008. The 50 state quarters were released into circulation in the order the statehoods came into existence. Here's the list of all 50 state quarters & their release dates. Plus, everything you need to know about collecting state quarters, and fun ways to organize them!

Professional coin collectors use very unique words when describing coins. Here are the top 10 coin terms you need to know to succeed in coin collecting.

1981 Quarter Value: See how much your 1981 quarters are worth, if there are any 1981 silver quarters, and which rare 1981 quarters you can find in pocket change!

See how much your 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar coins are worth + Which 1979 one dollar coins are the rarest and most valuable (and should never be spent).

Susan B. Anthony dollar coin errors - see how much they’re worth. A list of 13 rare & valuable Susan B. Anthony dollar errors you should be looking for!

1968 no-S proof dimes are worth thousands of dollars! Have a 1968 dime with no "S" mintmark? Here's how to tell a rare 1968 no-S dime from a normal 1968 dime without a mintmark.

Handling an estate coin collection can be a difficult task, but these 5 tips will make that daunting task much easier for you.