7 Popular Lucky Coins That May Help Bring You Some Luck

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By Joshua

We all need a little luck in our lives – hopefully good luck, right? Lucky coins are probably one of the most popular ways of bringing a little luck in our lives.

Lucky coins come in all shapes and sizes. Why’s that? Because all of us have our own ideas as to what makes a coin lucky.

Here are some common types of lucky coins:

  • Coins from the year of your birth
  • Coins from a country special to you
  • Coins with a special design or inscription
  • Coins found during particularly happy times
  • Coins that have a special meaning to you – or somebody close to you

Of course, these are just some of the things that help make lucky coins lucky. You may have other ideas for deciding why a coin might be lucky for you.

While we each may have our own idea of what a lucky coin is, here are some popular and common types of lucky coins that many people like to rub, hang onto in their pockets and purses, and keep close at hand when hoping their favorite sports team wins.

Silver Dollars

Morgan silver dollars (1878-1921) and Peace silver dollars (1921-1935) have long been regarded as lucky coins by many people.


Maybe it’s because of their large size and their silver content.

It might be the large pictures of Liberty on these coins. It may even be that having at least one silver dollar means you’ll always have a dollar in your pocket!

Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Walking Liberty half dollars are considered among the world’s most beautiful coins. The graceful image of Miss Liberty walking on the obverse of the coin and the majestic eagle on the reverse are much of the reason why this coin is held in such high regard by coin collectors and artists alike.

The Walking Liberty half dollar portrays hope, and hope is definitely something people need plenty of in life.

Buffalo Nickels

Buffalo nickels have a somewhat romantic place in coin collecting. They feature a Native American on the obverse and the legendary American bison (which most people refer to as a buffalo on this coin). This coin is a true piece of Americana in so many ways.

While Buffalo nickels were worth five cents to most people who used in them in daily transactions during the heyday of the Buffalo nickel, they were worth a warm blanket, hot meal, or place to rest overnight to the many homeless people who carved their own special images on Buffalo nickels. These Buffalo nickels with special carvings are popularly called Hobo Nickels and were traded in by their creators for all kinds of needed goods and services.

Indian Cents

Indian cents were made for 50 years, spanning from before the American Civil War to after the turn of the 20th century. Indian cents circulated well into the 20th century and were held aside by the young and old alike.

The famous profile of Miss Liberty in a headdress has intrigued Americans for well over a century and continues to be a popular coin with collectors and non-collectors alike.

Lucky Coins for Brides

Perhaps one of the most famous lucky coins in the world is the British sixpence coin. The British sixpence coin was first made as a silver coin back in 1551. The last sixpence coin was made for circulation in 1967, when Great Britain converted to a decimal monetary system; a proof version was made in 1970.

For centuries, brides have been wearing sixpence coins in their shoes with the hope that their marriage is filled with prosperity. For that reason, British sixpence coins are among the most popular wedding gifts for brides.

The British sixpence coin has a portrait of the reigning king or queen on the obverse (most recently Queen Elizabeth II as seen on 6 Pence coins from 1953 to 1970) and, on later sixpence coins, 4 flowers on the reverse:

  • The English rose
  • The Irish shamrock
  • The Welsh leek
  • The Scottish thistle

The history of the British sixpence coin goes back ages, and has long been part of this famous saying:

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
And a sixpence for her shoe