The Most Valuable State Quarter Errors You Can Find In Pocket Change!

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What are the most valuable 50 State Quarter errors?

Some state quarter errors are worth hundreds of dollars! See if you have any of these...

There are so many rare and valuable quarters worth big money that you can find if you look hard enough — and you’re just a tad lucky.

The 50 State Quarters were made from 1999 through 2008.

There are many rare errors and varieties among the state quarters that are worth hundreds of dollars… Or even more!

Today, we’re going to provide you with a list of rare 50 State Quarters errors you should be looking for and tell you how much they’re worth…

You may be surprised at just how valuable some of these quarters really are!

There are many different errors that have shown up in almost every year of mintage. Some of these errors may include die breaks, off-center striking, planchet clipping, die cuds, grease strike-through errors and missing layers. As the market is still fairly young, values for these types of errors will vary greatly but could be worth $5 to $300+ depending on what you have.

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The Most Valuable 50 State Quarter Errors

Where do we begin? There are sooooooo many valuable quarter errors and varieties out there!

We’re going to begin at the beginning — with the letter “A”. We’ve got Alabama through Wyoming here, and we’re going to reveal more than a dozen rare quarter errors that are worth looking for in your pocket change!

While it’s likely that you will find some other common errors on the state quarters over time, following are the specific errors that are currently known to exist on the 50 State Quarters.

Arizona Quarter Error Value

What makes the 2008 Arizona state quarter worth looking for? There’s an extra cactus leaf on some Arizona quarters, and these are usually worth $3 to $5. So, how and where do you spot the extra cactus leaf? It’s on the “tails” side of the coin under the tall cacti.

Learn more about this error and other valuable Arizona quarter errors.

Colorado Quarter Error Value

Cud errors abound on 2006 Colorado state quarters! These weird varieties are distinguished by their appearance as a flattish mound of raised metal attached to the coin’s rim. Some of these errors are worth in the neighborhood of $10 to $20.

Other Colorado quarter errors are worth much more!

Connecticut Quarter Error Value

Ah, yes…. Some of these 1999 Connecticut state quarter errors are worth really big money — $10,000! How? How could some Connecticut quarter errors be worth as much as a car? This video explains what makes these valuable Connecticut quarters and a few other similar state quarters so rare:

See all of the other Connecticut quarter errors.

Delaware Quarter Error Value

There are several valuable Delaware quarters you can find in pocket change, including the 1999 Delaware Spitting Horse quarter error — an error on the “tails” side with a line from the horse’s mouth down to the rim of the coin. This Delaware quarter error is worth as much as $20!

Learn about other Delaware state quarter errors.

District of Columbia Quarter Errors

OK, ok, the District of Columbia isn’t a state and the quarter honoring the nation’s capital wasn’t technically part of the 50 State Quarters series. But it was issued as a follow-up of the state quarters — and, let’s face it, there are some really cool and valuable 2009 District of Columbia quarter errors! One of them is a doubled die on Duke Ellington’s arm and his piano. This 2009 doubled die quarter error is worth as much as $1,000!

Here’s info about all of the District of Columbia quarter errors.

Georgia Quarter Error Value

Some 1999 Georgia state quarter errors are worth as much as $10,000. For example, the extremely rare and valuable Georgia state quarter described in this video was made as an experimental piece, and it has a golden-colored appearance:

Learn about all of the Georgia state quarter errors.

New Hampshire Quarter Error Value

There are many rare and valuable 2000 New Hampshire state quarter errors worth looking for. But one of the most popular is a New Hampshire quarter missing its mintmark. These no-mintmark New Hampshire quarters are worth as much as $40.

Here’s everything you want to know about New Hampshire state quarter errors

Kansas Quarter Error Value

There are 3 significant kinds of 2005 Kansas state quarter errors that are unique to this quarter. They are worth as much as $100 apiece or even more and include the “IN GOD WE RUST,” Humpback Bison, and Spitting Bison quarter errors.

Maryland Quarter Error Value

There are tons of different 2000 Maryland state quarters worth looking for. Among the many Maryland state quarter errors are doubled dies, off-center strikes, and broadstrikes worth as much as $50 to $100… or more!

Here’s what you need to know about Maryland state quarter errors.

Minnesota Quarter Error Value

Some of the most famous and valuable of 50 State Quarter errors are found on the 2005 Minnesota quarters. It’s on these coins that several dozen different types of doubled dies have been spotted. Yes, that’s right — I said dozens. These are found mainly on the 2005-P Minnesota quarter, and the ones with the strongest doubling are worth around $100 apiece.

There are many other kinds of valuable Minnesota state quarter errors worth big money, too.

New Jersey Quarter Error Value

More experimental errors are to be found among the 1999 New Jersey state quarters — which have sold for as much as $3,760. If your luck isn’t running strong enough right now to land you that golden-colored error worth four figures, there are plenty of other valuable New Jersey state quarter errors worth looking for in pocket change!

Here are all of the other New Jersey state quarter errors.

Oregon Quarter Error Value

One of the more prevalent 2005 Oregon state quarter errors is the broadstrike — which is typically worth around $20 to $30. Other valuable Oregon quarter errors include off-center strikes and die breaks.

See all of the Oregon state quarter errors.

Pennsylvania Quarter Error Value

The most valuable 1999 Pennsylvania quarter error is one of the rarest and most valuable of all error coins that were struck on experimental planchets — or coin blanks. There are only a few of these 1999 Pennsylvania error coins that are known to exist… which helps to explain their high value of $6,000+.

There are several other 1999 Pennsylvania quarter errors, as well!

South Carolina Quarter Error Value

There are around a half dozen different kinds of 2000 South Carolina state quarter errors with values as high as $200. Some of these are more obscure, others highly obvious — and they range from weird occurrences of missing letters to drastic off-center strikes.

Here’s everything you want to know about South Carolina state quarter errors.

Virginia Quarter Error Value

The 2000 Virginia state quarter is a favorite among coin collectors who like errors and varieties. There are several bizarre and valuable Virginia state quarter errors worth anywhere from $3 to $500. These errors and varieties include doubled dies, off-center strikes, strikethrough errors, and many others.

See all of the Virginia state quarter errors known to exist.

Wisconsin Quarter Error Value

The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter errors were the talk of the town when they were discovered years ago. The Extra Leaf Wisconsin quarter errors even received coverage on the evening television network news! There are 2 kinds of Extra Leaf Wisconsin quarter errors, including one with a high leaf and a low leaf. These 2 errors are found on the corn stalk just above the cheese wheel and are worth $50 to $100. (Some have even higher values!)

Learn more about the many different Wisconsin state quarter errors.

Wyoming Quarter Error Value

Have you ever heard of the Pooping Horse quarter error? Well, if not, you have now. It’s one of the many oddities to be found among 2007 Wyoming state quarter errors. Some of these rare Wyoming quarter errors are valuable and worth up to $25 or more!

Here’s everything you want to know about Wyoming state quarter errors.

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11 thoughts on “The Most Valuable State Quarter Errors You Can Find In Pocket Change!”

  1. I have a 2002P Louisiana state quarter. It appeared silver on its side thats how i noticed it. I dont think its silver because the P mint mark. There were silver proof sets made but they should have an S mint mark. I then weighed it and it weight was 5.79 grams and it should weigh 5.65. I then put a magnet to it and to my suprise it can be picked with the magnet. Any ideas what is going on with this quarter? Wrong planchet perhaps? Im not an expert but if its a counterfeit it sure has me fooled. Any sugestions would be appreciated. d636be864f35807e8c4f7377db59cb13927ebceaab3bd19b40ac49f843b.jpg

    • Hello, Kelly —

      Given that the weight of a quarter can vary up to .19 grams, its weight of 5.79 is still within tolerances of 5.67 grams. Of course this doesn’t necessarily address the issues of the coin’s silvery appearance on the edge or its magnetism. Something like this would need to be physically evaluated or at least considered by an error or variety specialist. If you would like to submit it to a third-party authentication firm you’ll find a list of the major reputable ones here: . You might also or instead consider running these photos by CONECA (, which is one of the largest error and variety organizations in the hobby.

      Good luck!

    • Hi, Richard —

      That appears to possibly be some sort of die break… You might consider running this by a die variety expert at CONECA ( for their thoughts and possible attribution.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi, Casper —

      Your quarter appears to have some slightly golden toning or discoloration but unfortunately does not show evidence of being a missing class error.


      • Thanks for the response but any idea why it’s this color it’s also .006 thinner and weigh .18 grams less than the quarter on the right

        • Hi, Casper —

          Those figures are well within legal tolerances (variances) for the quarter. If, however, you’re compelled to seek a second opinion you might try reaching out to the folks at CONECA (

          Best wishes,


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