A 1999 Penny Worth $300? Yes! Ultimate Guide To 1999 Penny Values (Including The 1999 Penny Error/1999 Wide AM Penny)

by Joshua

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Did you know there’s a 1999 penny worth $300 or more?

It’s true. If you know which 1999 pennies to look for, you may find a 1999 penny error — with enough searching (and a little luck).

Read on to see what makes some 1999 pennies so valuable and how to find the rare 1999 penny in your pocket change.

How To Tell If You Have A 1999 Penny Error

The rare penny I’m talking about is the 1999 Wide AM penny.

1999 Wide AM pennies were accidentally made when reverse proof coin dies — which were designed to strike the “tail’s side” (reverse) of special collector Lincoln pennies — were used to strike 1999 Lincoln pennies intended for circulation.

You can tell a 1999 Wide AM penny from an ordinary 1999 penny by looking at the letters “A” and “M” in the word “AMERICA” on the reverse of the coin.

You’ll notice a significant gap between the bottoms of the “A” and “M” on the 1999 Wide AM penny. (On ordinary 1999 pennies, the bottom of the letters “A” and “M” appear to nearly touch one another.)

See precisely what a 1999 Wide AM penny looks like.

In fact, during that period, there were 3 different Lincoln cents made with a Wide AM reverse proof die:

  • 1999 Wide AM penny
  • 1998 Wide AM penny
  • 2000 Wide AM penny

Of these, the 1999 Wide AM penny is by far the scarcest.

Here’s how much a 1999 Wide AM penny is worth:

  • Even the most well-worn examples of the 1999 Wide AM penny are worth around $100.
  • Most 1999 Wide AM pennies have a value of $150 to $300.
  • The record auction price paid for a 1999 Wide AM penny is $2,300.

The Value Of Other 1999 Pennies

You may not have a 1999 Wide AM penny, but you’re probably still curious what your “regular” 1999 penny is worth.

If your 1999 penny is worn, it’s worth face value — or 1 cent.

However, 1999 pennies that are uncirculated (or, as some might say, “mint condition” or “Mint State”) are worth more.

Here’s what uncirculated and proof 1999 pennies are worth:

  • 1999 penny with no mintmark (Philadelphia): 5,237,600,000 minted — 10 to 25+ cents
  • 1999-D penny (Denver, “D” mintmark): 6,360,065,000 minted — 10 to 25+ cents
  • 1999-S penny  (San Francisco, “S” mintmark): 3,347,966 minted — $3+

*Values listed are for uncirculated and proof 1999 pennies. Worn specimens without errors or varieties are worth face value. 

More About The 1999 Penny Value & Other Rare Pennies

In addition to the links I’ve included above, here are some other resources to help you find exactly how much your 1999 penny is worth:

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