1924 Penny Value Guide: See How Much 1924 Wheat Pennies Are Worth + A List Of Rare 1924 Penny Errors Worth $20+ Apiece

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Do you have a 1924 penny and want to know how much it’s worth?

Maybe you’re trying to find out if you have one of the rare 1924 pennies worth more than $20 apiece.

Or, perhaps you have a bunch of other old wheat pennies and want to know if you should be paying closer to attention to those 1924 Lincoln cents.

If you found a 1924 wheat penny in your pocket change and want to know what it’s worth you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to find out:

  • Which 1924 pennies are rare
  • 1924 Lincoln cent values
  • How many 1924 wheat pennies were made

How Much Is A 1924 Wheat Penny Worth?

The 1924 penny is scarce. It can be worth anywhere from 15 cents to $100 or more!

1924 pennies are worth anywhere from 15 cents to more than $100.

The value of your 1924 wheat penny depends on where it was made. This can be determined by looking for the presence or absence of a mintmark under the date.

The most common 1924 Lincoln wheat pennies were struck at the Philadelphia Mint and don’t contain a mintmark. A total of 75,178,000 were struck. A no mintmark 1924 penny is worth about 15 to 50 cents in well-worn condition. 

1924 wheat pennies with mintmarks are much scarcer. These include:

  • The 1924-D penny struck at the Denver Mint
  • The 1924-S penny made at the San Francisco Mint

The 1924-D penny is scarce, as only 2,520,000 were made and perhaps just 7% to 15% survive. A well-worn 1924-D penny is worth about $30, whereas a nicer specimen exhibiting only slight wear has a value of $125 or more. 

Finally, there is the 1924-S penny. With 11,696,000 pieces struck, the 1924-S penny isn’t nearly as scarce as its Denver-minted counterpart. A 1924-S penny is worth anywhere from 75 cents to $75, with higher values going toward coins with only light traces of wear.

It’s worth noting that all 1924 pennies were struck for circulation purposes — meaning there are no known proof pennies from 1924 that were made for collectors.

Rare 1924 Penny Errors And Their Values

Yes, there’s at least one confirmed 1924 doubled die penny. It’s been found among some 1924-S pennies.

The light doubling can be seen on the reverse (tails side) of the 1924 Lincoln cent in the wheat stalks, and in the words “ONE” (of “ONE CENT”) and “OF AMERICA.”

Another possible 1924-S doubled die shows doubling in the date on the obverse (heads side).

Values for these doubled die pennies range from about $20 to more than $100, depending on the variety and condition of the coin.

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