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2000-2009 Mint Coin Sets: See How Much They’re Worth Today + Tips For Collecting Them

by Joshua

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Coin collectors love 2000s mint coin sets.

They contain groups of uncirculated U.S. Mint coins struck from 2000 through 2009.

2000-2009 Mint Sets / 2000s US Mint uncirculated coin sets value

Perhaps you have one or more of these coin sets and want to know more about them — or how much they’re worth.

What Are Mint Coin Sets?

Since 1947, the United States Mint has been issuing sets of uncirculated coins that represent the coinage from all denominations struck in a given year.

U.S. mint coin sets have been sold almost every year since their inception.

Originally, uncirculated coin sets included 2 uncirculated specimens of each circulating coin. These so-called double mint sets were issued in cardboard panels from 1947 through 1958.

Beginning in 1959, the United States Mint converted uncirculated sets to the modern format of one example per circulating coin. And, until 2007, mint sets were packaged in cellophane or Mylar holders. Since then, uncirculated sets have been packaged in pliable panels that showcase all 3 sides of a coin — the obverse, reverse, and edge.

The United States Mint still sells current-year uncirculated sets. They can be bought from the mint’s website or from a coin dealer.

In terms of modern mint sets, most contain one uncirculated example of every coin struck for circulation in that year — but they sometimes include examples of coins that are not made for general circulation. For example, mint sets currently include the half dollar and dollar coins — which are not distributed in circulation.

U.S. mint coin sets from 2000 to 2009 include one example of each coin from each of the mint facilities that made the coins produced in that year.

How Much Are Mint Coin Sets From 2000 To 2009 Worth?

Most uncirculated sets assembled between 2000 and 2009 are actually worth less than their original issue prices.

The uncirculated sets minted during the 2000s include at least $5.82 in face value and often much more. This is due to the large number of quarter dollars and dollar coins issued during those years. (These include the 50 State Quarters, issued at a clip of 5 per year and Presidential dollars, which saw 4 new annual issues during most of the program’s run.)

Many post-1967 mint sets are bought and sold between coin dealers and coin collectors at just a few cents above the face value of the coins in the set. That is the case for some of the 2000 to 2009 mint sets, selling for small premiums over the face value of the coins in the set.

Still, there are a few 2000-2009 mint coin sets that are lower mintage and high in demand. These uncirculated sets are worth significantly more.

2000-2009 Mint Set Values

Here’s a rundown on the 2000s mint sets, their production figures, and approximate values:

Click to see the coins included in each

*Values are for mint sets that contain all coins and show no signs of damage to the coins themselves or the original packaging.

Why Did Distribution Numbers Go Down?

As you can see, the mint set production figures seemed to gradually decline from a high for the decade in 2000 — when nearly 1.5 million sets were distributed. That was near the beginning of the 50 State Quarters program, which helped bring millions of people into the hobby.

In later years of the decade, the cost of buying mint sets went up dramatically with the inclusion of as many as 10 one-dollar coins. This happened to coincide with the Great Recession, a time when many coin collectors left the hobby or cut back on spending due to general (often personal) economic woes.

You’ll notice that the 2008 mint set is worth significantly more than other sets from that period. This is partly because of a significantly lower production figure – the lowest for the decade – and high demand for the set due to both its low mintage and inclusion of the last 50 State Quarters.

Another thing to bear in mind is that mint coin sets made from 2005 through 2010 include satin-quality coins. And, to many collectors, the satin finish represents a premium over the brilliant uncirculated finishes of earlier and later years.

Tips For Buying Uncirculated Mint Coin Sets

The mint coin sets from the years 2000 through 2009 represent one of the most efficient methods of obtaining the many different coins struck during that period.

As you may recall, more than half a dozen coin programs launched or ran during that era, including:

Many collectors prefer buying the various 2000s mint sets to obtain examples of all these coins, rather than try the arduous task of looking for these coins in pocket change or buying them separately. And, because uncirculated sets offer collectors some of the highest-quality examples of these coins available, they’re a go-to source for collectible coinage.

While you can buy current-year mint sets directly from the United States Mint, the older sets made during the period spanning 2000 to 2009 can only be found at coin shops.

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