See Why Uncirculated Mint Sets Are Worth Collecting + Fun Ways To Collect Them

Collecting uncirculated mint sets from the United States Mint is a perfect way to get most, if not all, of the examples of coins found in pocket change from each year! Uncirculated coin sets have been issued by the United States Mint since 1947, and they’ve been offered almost every year since then. See what U.S. mint sets are worth, plus my personal tips and strategies for building a really cool mint set collection.

2009 Uncirculated U.S. Coin Set

The 2009 uncirculated coin set is big! 36 come in the 2009 uncirculated set. But along with a bigger set also comes a bigger price. Here’s complete info about the 2009 Uncirculated U.S. Coin Set from the U.S. Mint.