Old Coins You Might Have… & What They’re Worth

What Are Old Coins Worth? See the value of old pennies, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, Franklin half dollars, Kennedy half dollars, silver dollars, and pre-1934 gold coins! (Those are the most commonly found old coins.)

Some 2002 pennies are worth more than $6,600!

Today’s 2002 Penny Value: Some 2002 Pennies Are Worth Over $6,000!

Some 2002 pennies are worth anywhere from $150… to $375… to $6,000… or more! So, which ones are valuable and worth keeping? How can you tell an ordinary 2002 penny worth just 1 cent apart from a rare and valuable 2002 penny that’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? Here are the answers you’re looking for…