A List Of 2022 Pennies Worth More Than Face Value

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Did you know there are some 2022 pennies worth money — like lots of money?

Believe it or not, some 2022 pennies are worth hundreds of dollars! Find out the value of your 2022 penny here.

Considering that billions were made, it can be difficult to tell a rare and valuable 2022 penny worth hundreds from a regular 2022 penny worth just one cent.

In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what to look for!…

Fun Facts About The 2022 Penny

While pennies were historically made from a copper-based bronze composition, that is not the case with 2022 pennies. They, like most pennies since 1982, were struck in a copper-plated zinc metallic profile. A standard 2022 penny should weigh approximately 2.5 grams. (Here are the best scales for weighing U.S. coins.)

The 2022 Lincoln cent was struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.

All 2022 pennies that were made for pocket change (“circulation”) came from Philly and Denver. The 2022 Philadelphia pennies don’t have a mint mark underneath the date, while those from Denver and San Francisco do. The 2022 Denver pennies have a “D” mint letter under the date, and those from San Francisco have an “S” mint mark.

You can’t expect to find any 2022-S pennies from the San Francisco mint in circulation. That’s because they were made for collectors as proof coins — which are specially struck as presentation pieces and not designed to be spent as regular money.

The 2022 penny was struck to the tune of many billions, so these Lincoln cents are in themselves common coins. But there are some 2022 pennies that are rare and valuable on the basis of condition or errors and varieties. (We’ll talk about this more below.)

The obverse (“head’s side”) features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln — our nation’s 16th president and the commander-in-chief during the United States Civil War. The bust of Lincoln on the penny was designed by Victor David Brenner in 1909. Brenner’s initials “VDB” appear on 2022 pennies under Lincoln’s shoulder in tiny lettering.

The reverse (“tails side”) carries the design of a shield — signifying Lincoln’s ability to keep the nation whole during the bloody and divisive Civil War. The shield design debuted on pennies in 2010 and was designed by Lyndall Bass.

Now, let’s talk about how much your 2022 pennies are worth…

2022 Penny Value (No Mint Mark)

The 2022 Lincoln cent without a mintmark was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Billions of these pennies were made, and they are considered very common coins.

Here’s how much a 2022 penny with no mintmark is worth:

  • A 2022 no-mintmark penny that shows some wear (aka “circulated”) is worth only face value of 1 cent.
  • Uncirculated 2022 pennies with no mint mark are worth more than face value — usually 10 to 30 cents apiece.
  • A 2022 penny without a mintmark that grades MS-67 or better and is encapsulated by a third-party grading company like Professional Coin Grading Service or Numismatic Guaranty Company can bring more than $100.

2022-D Penny Value

The 2022-D penny was made at the Denver Mint, as indicated by the “D” mint mark under the date. The 2022-D Lincoln cent is a common coin and can be readily found in pocket change with enough looking.

Here’s how much a 2022-D penny is worth:

  • A typical 2022-D penny with wear is worth only face value of 1 cent.
  • Uncirculated 2022-D pennies are worth more — usually 10 to 30 cents.
  • Any 2022-D pennies that are in pristine uncirculated condition, grading MS-67 or higher by Professional Coin Grading Service or Numismatic Guaranty Company, can fetch more than $100.

2022-S Penny Value

The 2022-S Lincoln cent was sold in various collector sets offered by the United States Mint, which did not put special coins into circulation.

Aside from the “S” mintmark on the coin, a 2022 proof penny differs from a 2022 circulation-strike penny in how the coin was made and the care that was taken to strike it. Proof coins are made with polished blanks and are intentionally struck twice by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage presses — to bring up even the most minute details of the coin’s design.

Here’s how much a 2022-S penny is worth:

  • Hundreds of thousands of 2022-S proof pennies were made, and they are generally worth $3 to $5 apiece.
  • Some 2022-S pennies that show outstanding quality are worth much more, often bringing $50 to even $100.

Rare 2022 Penny Errors To Look For!

Some of the most valuable 2022 pennies aren’t in perfect condition, but are rather imperfect — not made at all like they were supposed to have been struck. These are some of the coins that collectors covet because the U.S. Mint was never supposed to let these coin out in the public. And, yet, they escaped!

There are lots of different kinds of 2022 Lincoln penny errors worth looking for, and some have values well north of $100… or even more! The problem is in tracking them down.

Most of the unusual-looking coins that some people think are errors are really just damaged coins worth their face value (in most cases).

While finding a bona fide 2022 error penny worth more than face value will take some time, these are considered rare coins for a reason. After all, you’re not supposed to be finding a bunch of them!

Here are the most valuable and most frequently encountered types of 2022 penny errors and varieties, along with what they’re worth:

2022 Doubled Die Penny Error

If you happen to find a 2022 doubled die penny error, it’s worth much more than face value. So be sure to hold it aside! The main question is how prominent the doubling is and where it is located. Doubling that you can see with the naked eye tends to be worth the most, while a minor doubled die in an inconspicuous location tends to (but does not always) bring less value.

Here’s how much a 2022 doubled die penny error is worth:

  • You can expect even a relatively obscure 2022 doubled die penny to be worth somewhere between $25 and $50 or more.

2022 Off-Center Penny Error

Off-center coins are really cool. They are pretty obvious errors, too. Sometimes half of their design missing — as if it just fell off the side of the coin! Some off-center pennies are really drastic in their appearance, with only a tiny portion of the design remaining. While others still show most of their design.

Here’s how much a 2022 off-center penny error is worth:

  • A 2022 off-center penny that is showing most of its design could take $15 to $25, maybe even a little more. But the most valuable kind of 2022 off-center penny will show only around 50% of the design along with a complete date (and mintmark, if applicable). Such pieces command more than $100.

BIE Penny Error

A peculiar type of error that is specific to Lincoln cents is the BIE variety — which shows an apparent “I” between the letters “B” and “E” of “LIBERTY” on the obverse of the coin. This extra “I” isn’t a misspelling of some kind, but rather a raised blob of metal known as a die break. These die breaks happen when the aging coin die itself begins to crack (through wear and tear) and the metal of the coin blank flows up into the crevice of the fracture. A die break can occur on any coin and anywhere.

Here’s how much a 2022 BIE penny error is worth:

  • These little die breaks that result in a struck anomaly roughly resembling a capital letter “I” are highly collectible and often trade for $5 to $15.
2022 Penny Coins Worth Money!

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