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How To Spot Rare US Coins In Your Pocket Change

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By Joshua

mercury-dime-rare-us-coins-photo-by-guinn-anya.jpg Curious how to spot rare US coins? It’s a little simpler than you may think — but you have to know what you’re looking for…

The 1913 Liberty nickel is one of the rarest coins.

In fact, 1 of the 5 known 1913 Liberty nickels sold at auction for a whopping $3.7 million!

While the 1913 Liberty nickel may not wind up in your hands anytime soon, there are several types of rare United States coins you should be looking for:

Here’s more about each of the above coins and why they are considered the most popular rare coins that collectors go gaga over.

And these are just a few of the rare US coins that you may find either in pocket change or in estates.

Rare US coins are hard to find, but here are a few tips that may make your search a little easier:

  • Check in rolls of coins from your bank.
  • See if there are any old coins in your attic or basement storage.
  • Peruse estate sales — they are great places for buying rare U.S. coins.
  • Always check your change for old, rare US coins!
  • Use a metal detector — that’s how one person found a rare 1652 Massachusetts sixpence coin worth more than $400,000 in a potato field!