Looking Through Penny Rolls Can Be Rewarding and Fun


Ever since I first started collecting coins, I’ve been checking penny rolls from banks and grocery stores for scarce and old coins. I don’t honestly know what prompted me to start doing that, especially as I was only a kid and no one had told me that searching rolls of coins is one of the most efficient and successful ways to make interesting finds in circulation. From wheat cents to foreign coins and off-center coins, too, I’ve found all types of scarce, unique, intriguing, and valuable old … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to the 1944 Steel Penny: Like 1943 Copper Cents, It’s a Coin that Collectors Crave


If you collect coins, you know about the 1943 steel Lincoln cent. But, what about the 1944 steel pennny? While the U.S. Mint struck more than a billion steel pennies in 1943, about 35 examples of the zinc-coated steel cent are known to have been inadvertently struck bearing the date 1944.   Why Were Some 1944 Pennies Struck in Steel? A popular theory is that some steel coin blanks, or planchets, were left in the hoppers and accidentally distributed. … [Read more...]

What’s the Value of Wheat Pennies? Find Out How Much Yours are Worth!

value of wheat pennies

“What’s the value of my wheat pennies?” – that’s the main question I keep getting here at The Fun Times Guide to Coins, and I’m glad this is so, because Lincoln cents have long been my specialty. In fact, that’s the first coin I ever collected and the coin that I to this day still focus my coin collecting efforts on. When I was a new coin collector I, too, used to wonder what the value of wheat pennies was, simply because they’re obsolete coins that by the very nature of their being old were … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pretty Pennies Safe in Coin Albums for Lincoln Cents

coin albums

If there is one coin that I and millions of other coin collectors love putting in coin albums, it has to be the Lincoln cent, and for good reason – it is one of the first coins we ever started collecting, most dates are pretty affordable, and these pennies are easy to find in pocket change. Besides, Lincoln cents have been with us for more than a century – since 1909, to be exact; so it is no wonder that this beloved little coin is found in millions of numismatists’ coin collections. My … [Read more...]

Short Sets – The Short Cut to Completing Coin Sets on a Budget

coin short sets

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating to a coin collector than wanting to complete an entire date-and-mintmark run of coins and not being able to afford the goal. For example, collecting the entire series of Lincoln cents, to date, could cost a typical coin collector more than $2,000 when taking into account the cost of rare dates, such as the 1909-S V.D.B., 1909-S, 1914-D, and 1931-S. Add in the 1922 plain cent – a rare variety customarily included in many Lincoln sets – and the cost … [Read more...]

Lincoln Cent Varieties – Coins That Don’t Always Have a Place in the Typical Coin Album

lincoln cent varieties

As most Lincoln cent coin collectors know, collecting the entire series of pennies is not as easy as one may think. Certainly, the one-cent coin may be the lowliest of all currently circulating U.S. coinage as far as denominations go, and there may be tens of billions of Lincoln cents in existence – but collecting an example of every Lincoln cent ever made certainly isn’t cheap, nor is it easy. There are some 300 different regular-issue date-and-mintmark combinations, and many of the coins … [Read more...]

Popular Coin Sets for Beginning Collectors

coin collectors sets

Coin collecting is a hobby that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years, with tens of thousands joining the ranks of coin collectors each year. By some estimates more than 100 million Americans collect coins, and these millions of collectors all started their journeys in the hobby somewhere. For many people, their first foray in coin collecting originates with a collection they inherit from a family member, a strange coin found in pocket change, or perhaps even the start … [Read more...]

The Value Of Sharing My Coin Collection With The People I Love

coin collection value

As most pastimes go, it’s always better to share coin collecting with the ones you love than to go about it solo. I have learned this as I have grown into the hobby I have loved since my boyhood and now enjoy as a young man. Now in my early 30s, I find immense value in sharing my coin collection and my passion for numismatics with the people in my life who are most important to me.   Mixing Coins And Romance Can Be A Beautiful Thing … [Read more...]

Historical Values of Lincoln Cents

Lincoln cent values

Lincoln cents, which have been in minted since 1909, are not only the United States’ longest-running coin series, but they are also one of the world’s most popular coins to collect. Millions of coin collectors clamor to assemble complete date-and-mintmark sets of Lincoln cents, and many will pay thousands of dollars just to own an entire run of this beloved one cent series. Lincoln pennies have been popular as collector coins since the 1930s, when the first coin boards, coin albums, and … [Read more...]

Which Old Pennies Are The Most Valuable?


Do you have a bunch of old pennies in your possession and are trying to figure out which ones to keep? While chances are most of your old pennies are worth only face value, there are plenty out there that are worth looking for. In fact, some old pennies are worth hundreds of dollars! Of course, you’ll have to look pretty hard to find the old one cent coins that are worth substantially more than face value, and the good news is that we’ll tell you about some of these valuable old pennies … [Read more...]