Mercury Dimes: What’s Their Value? How To Determine What A Mercury Dime Coin Is Worth

To begin with, mercury dimes are misnamed.

The portrait on the front of this coin was mistaken for (and bears resemblance to) the Greek god Mercury.

But the portrait is in fact of Liberty — the same figure that has graced U.S. coins since their introduction.




More about mercury dime coins and what they’re worth…


Little-Known Facts About Mercury Dimes

Mercury in Greek mythology was known as the “quick messenger” and was equipped with wings to better execute his duties.

The confusion comes in when the designer of the coin, Adolf Weinman, added wings to Liberty’s headdress.The wings were added to symbolize “liberty of thought”. However in the end, due to misconception, the coin was improperly named the mercury dime.

The mercury head dime was minted from 1916 through 1945 when it was replaced by the Roosevelt dime.

All mercury dimes are 90% silver, therefore they are at least worth their silver bullion price… which is more than 10 cents.

For mercury dimes — and most other 90% silver coins — you can expect a dealer to pay you 9 times face value for them (silver being 15.00/oz). So every mercury dime is worth at least 90 cents or more. This is of course with the exception of the rarer mercury dimes which are listed here:


Mercury Dime Values


1942 D 2/1 – $675.00-$950.00 : 2 is stamped over a pre-existing 1
1942 2/1 – $625.00-$900.00 : Same as above without the D mintmark
1931 D – $8.00-$20.00 : Lower mintage
1926 S – $12.00-$60.00 : Lower mintage
1925 D – $4.00-$40.00 : Lower mintage
1921 D – $75.00-$400.00 : Low mintage
1921 – $60.00-$300.00 : Low mintage
1919 D – $4.00-$24.00 : Lower mintage
1917 D – $4.50-$45.00 : Lower mintage
1916 S – $4.00-$20.00 : Lower mintage
1916 D – $900.00-$9,200.00 : Extremely low mintage

The large margin in price ranges all depends on the grade of your coin.

The mint mark on the mercury head dime is very small and can be found on the reverse side of the coin on the bottom left — right after the E in the word ONE and just left of the branch.

The prices listed above for the more rare mercury dimes are from the Red Book. You probably will not receive this amount of money for them from a dealer, because a dealer won’t always give you exactly what the coin is worth. If they did, they would never make any money and be out of business.

For the most common mercury dimes, you can expect to get about a buck apiece for them, no matter what condition they’re in. Silver is silver, whether it’s pretty or not.


I have been collecting and trading coins for years. Coin collecting is a hobby for me, and I've done a lot of research about coins through the years.

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  • denise

    I have amercury dime dated 1944. Is it worth anything.

  • Sarah Arteaga

    RE the 1942D with the 2 stamped over a pre-existing 1. Is the restamp visible?

    • Anonymous


      Yes, the re-stamp is visible, but you have to look carefully. The “2” appears as if it was literally placed over and just to the right of the “1.”


    hi i have mercury dimes from 1919 to 1947 some are D and S also i have liberty half dollars that range from 1941 to 1947 silver quarters 1954 to 1964 silver dollar 1971 fifty cent peices 1964 to1968 indian penny 1890 and wheat pennies 1919 1958 i just want to kno how much they would be worth if any

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Grape —

      Assuming your coins are all in typical circulation grades and the date ranges include the common dates, the values below are rough estimates of what each of your coins are worth:

      1890 Indian Head cent: $2 to $3
      1919 Lincoln cent: 10 to 20 cents
      1958 Lincoln cent: 2 to 3 cents
      Mercury dimes: $1.75 to $3.50
      Washington quarters (1954 to 1964): $$2.50 to $4.50
      Walking Liberty half dollars: $5.75 to $7.50
      1964 Kennedy half dollar: $5.50 to $6.00
      1965 to 1968 Kennedy half dollars: $1.75 to $2.50
      1971 copper-nickel clad Eisenhower dollar: $1 to $1.20
      1971 40% silver Eisenhower dollar: $3 to $5

  • Sonny Hickman

    Hello Joshua..I have a 1942 Mercury Dime in very good condiction.Denver Mint wanna know if its worth anything its features are very well seen.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Sonny —

      Yes, your 1942-D Mercury dime is worth about $2 to $3.

  • Sumnergrounds

    I have a 1944 mecury dime with no mint mark . What is the value? It’s in pretty fair condition

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Sumner

      Your 1944 Mercury dime is worth $2 to $3.

  • Dyslin1952

    I have a Liberty Dime that ismissing the center two numbersof the date. Is it of any extra value?

  • collecter83

    i have a wierd coin and cant find it anywhere online its a dime from 1887 sitting lady on front but on the back it has de letters w.d.c do you know anything bout this?

  • Waynenjacki93

    wats up with a 1920 mercury dime, iz there any value to it,its in great condition.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Wayne – Right now, a 1920 Mercury dime is worth at least $3 to $5 in circulated but decent shape.

  • Eileen Migneco

    i have a 1906 dime in good shape. whats it worth ??

    • Anonymous


      A typical 1906 dime with an average amount of wear is worth around $4 to $7.

  • Holly

    I have several mercury head dimes what do you use to clean them? one of them is a 1916 worn but you can see the date.

    • Anonymous


      If you clean your dimes, you will lower their value and can damage their surfaces. If there is any dirt or loose grime on them, you can safely soak them in some tepid water and pat (not rub) them dry with a soft cloth.

      • Holly

        How much are the dimes worth? I have a 1916 bt I dont know where to look for the D or S can you help me out? Thanks! ; )

        • Anonymous


          On the back of the coin, you’ll want to check on the bottom left side between the “ONE” and the fasces design. The mintmarks often look a little blobby. Good luck!

          • Holly

            Thank you for your help. I don’t thimk they make a magnifying glass strong enough lol the information about cleaning them was very useful thank you I thought about getting some tarnex Im glad I asked first.

          • Holly

            I have been looking at the dimes I have and I have several without a mint stamped on them should they have one? I also have a 1916 mercury head dime with no mint on it. they are worn a little but you can read with a magnifying glass. what does this mean and could they be worth anything?

  • Daddyviiny90

    i want to selll a dime i have from 1943 the old school dime who wannts to buy

  • Phillip rose

    what is a 1913 v nickel worh… in vg condition?

  • Thomas Whitman

    1943-s mercury dime pcgs ms65 whats it worth

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi, Thomas –

      If the bands of the fasces on the reverse are fully split, it’s worth around $50, but about $20 if the bands are not fully split.

  • Elsie Hall

    1939 dime with f in neck line

  • 2otaku

    Perhaps you can tell me anything about a Mercury Dime I have that is 1 cm  and has a mint more ‘D’ on it dated 1914. It’s tiny!

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Sounds just like you have a replica Mercury dime likely intended for use in a doll play set or something of that nature.

  • Elpollo6338

    I have a mercury dime from 1936 without no mint mark in the back.
    Can you please give me some more info and value of it please.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      A 1936 Mercury dime without a mintmark means it was made at the Philadelphia mint; such a piece is worth around $3.

  • john

    I have a 1916D mercury dime VF30 determined cleaned?????? Whats it worth??

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      Generally, cleaned coins are worth about half the value of their uncleaned counterparts. While you can really only get an estimation based on a sight-seen evaluation, it’s probably worth in the neighborhood of $1,500 to $2,000 assuming its authentic.

  • Darien Mann

    i have a 1943 Mercury dime with the other side being a wheat penny. it is the size of a dime. when looking at the side, it appears to be about 80% silver, and 20% copper. any idea on what it might be worth?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Darien –

      It sounds like you have an illusionist’s coin, made especially as a gaffe piece. These are really considered to be novelty coins and have little monetary value to coin collectors.

  • Haley

    Hi Jay,my name is Haley,,I have a Mercury Dime,,Dated ( 1935 ),,,it also have the mark of ( 1936 ) Dime,,Could it be worth the same amount?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi, Haley –

      1935 and 1936 Mercury dimes in typical condition are worth around $3 each.

  • briggs

    I have a 1941-42 double stamped mercury dime…is it worth anything and if so how would i go about selling it

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      If you have a 1941/42 Mercury dime, where the 2 appears to be stamped over the 1, it is worth at least $500 to $600.

  • jose

    What dimes are worth the BIG money?

  • amy

    hi, i have a 1944 mercury dime with a visible 1/2 on the neck, can this be or am i seeing things ?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi, Amy –

      The 1/2 mark was inscribed or counterstamped by somebody outside of the mint and does therefore doesn’t increase the coin’s value, which is around $3. Thanks for your question!

  • disqus_Dra0Kda5JI

    I have 1916 d dime mercury, i guidance?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      If your coin is authentic, it has a value of at least $750 to $800, though likely much more. To be sure your coin is genuine, you will want to have it graded by a third-party coin authentication firm. Here is some more info on that:

      Once you have determined that your coin is real, if you decide to sell it, you could either list it on eBay or sell it to a local coin dealer. Here are some posts with tips on how to do that:

      • disqus_Dra0Kda5JI

        Thank you very much. I will check it out

    • Annette Herrera

      1916 S – $4.00-$20.00 : Lower mintage
      1916 D – $900.00-$9,200.00 : Extremely low mintage

      • Annette Herrera

        I copied this info from one of the sites that “Joshua The Fun TimesGuide” had provided.

        1916-D Mercury dime – The key date for the series, the 1916-D is indeed a rare coin. A mere 264,000 were minted, and without a doubt, even fewer exist today. For decades, this coin has been recognized as a popular rarity, and because it is also part of a heavily collected series of coins, has long been a relatively expensive coin to purchase. Values for the 1916-D start at around $1,000 for a heavily worn specimen (Good-4). However, for an uncirculated 1916-D, expect to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 or more.

  • Nate

    I have two coins that have Lady Liberty from a mercury dime on one side and Abraham Lincoln’s face on the other. It says one cent and it dates 1926. I can’t find anything like it online so I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can find information on the coins. I also have a penny with no date and wheat on both sides, again no luck researching online. any help would be appreciated.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      You have a novelty coin that was made from a Mercury dime and Lincoln cent that were essentially fused together. While a gag or conversation piece, unfortunately it is not an error.

      The same would be true for your dateless, double reverse Lincoln wheat cent.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      What type of error does your 1940 Lincoln wheat cent have? If you would like, please feel free to share a photo here in the comments section.

      Thank you!

  • Lilly

    Mercury was a ROMAN god that was adopted from the Greeks. His GREEK counter was Hermes and both versions are sly and quick. He was also a very good story teller. I’m in 6th grade and I know more than you!

  • al d

    greetings, just came across a 1922 mercury dime and i am having trouble getting any info on it. it seems that they did not strike this dime in 1922…any help? any value?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi, Al –

      You are exactly right – no Mercury dimes were struck in 1922. What you have is some type of novelty/fantasy coin that is worth maybe a dollar or two to collectors of novelty coins.

  • Nirav Patel

    i have 1 1942 mercury dime but isn’t in good look . anybody know how is worth at?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide


      A 1942 Mercury dime, even in really bad shape, is worth at least $2 to $3 for its silver value.

  • Taken

    i have a 1923 mercury in good condition anybody knows the worth

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi, Taken –

      A 1923 Mercury dime in average circulated grade is worth around $3 to $5.

  • Jay Sea

    I have a collection of United States Dimes years 1935, ’36, ’38, ’39, ’41, ’42, ’43, ’44, ’45. was wondering if someone can get me any information on these coins, I wouldn’t want to go to a coin collector store and get ripped off.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi Jay,

      Assuming your Mercury dimes all exhibit average wear for their age, each should bring you around $3 (more or less) if sold to a coin dealer.

  • Nancy Hickman

    Hello: I have a 1916 mercury dime in very good condition. I would love to sell it but,, Here where i live there isn’t any trust worthy coin dealers here. Could you point me in a good dir?

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hello Nancy,

      Certainly – thanks for checking. One of the best ways to sell a coin like yours is on eBay. Because a 1916 Mercury dime in circulated condition is worth around $5, you may pay more in gas and time to travel to sell your coin or even to spend time looking up a list of reputable dealers.

      I suggest you give eBay a try, list it for a fair starting price (maybe around $3?) and see what happens. Be sure to post a good photo of the coin’s heads and tails side!

      Good luck!

  • Ash Pagelsdorf

    just found one of these looking through a random collection of coins i have since i was a kid. its a 1942 ( no mint stamp) in Extra Fine Condition – you can see all the detail for the face and the reverse side has all the detail to the ribbon and leaves.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Great find, Ash! It should be worth at least 5-10 cents.

  • Carmen Ferber

    I have a 1914 Mercury Dime in very good condition it is the size of my pinky any idea what it is worth? I do not see a D or an S on it and a jewelry store confirmed it is real.

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hi Carmen,

      What is the design on your coin? Is it the winged-head Liberty or a photo of Liberty wearing what looks like a cloth cap? Mercury dimes were first minted in 1916, so I’d be curious to see what the date and design were on the coin. If you wouldn’t mind submitting a photo of your coin, and perhaps include in that photo another dime to compare the sizes, that would be most helpful.

      Thank you for your question!

  • Tracie Marie

    Hey I found one of these coins I can post a pic could anyone tell me if I have a mercury. 1942 with no mint Bonn it

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hello, Tracie —

      Yes, you indeed have a 1942 Mercury dime. Yours is worth around $3 to $4.

      Thanks for checking with us!

  • ronald

    I have 3 of this dimes 1940 1942 1968

  • ronald

    The 1940 the 1942

    • JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

      Hello, Ronald –

      Each of your dimes is worth around $3.

      Thanks for your question!