Modern Commemorative Coins: A List Of U.S. Commemorative Coins (1982 – Present) And What They’re Worth

An uncirculated commemorative coin is offered in most instances by a special commission in charge of the event to be commemorated and the coin is sold at a price higher than the face value of the coin. The U.S. Mint’s modern commemorative coin program began in 1982. Although these coins are legal tender, they are not minted for general circulation. Each commemorative coin is produced by the U.S. Mint in limited quantity and is only available for a limited time. See how much modern commemorative coins are worth.

Military Challenge Coins: Are Military Coins Worth Collecting?

Challenge coins are not really coins. They’re not made by the U.S. Mint, and they’re not used as currency. Challenge coins first made their appearance during World War I. Here’s the story behind challenge coins, why they’re called challenge coins, how the coin challenge game works, and how much military challenge coins are worth.

Presidential Dollar Coins (2007-2016): Little-Known Facts + A List Of All U.S. President Dollar Coins And Their Release Dates

Presidential Dollar coins were struck from 2007 to 2016. Each $1 coin features the face of a former U.S. president. Four coins came out each year until all former presidents (non-living) were minted on these golden-colored U.S. $1 coins. Another related presidential coin set called the First Spouse gold coins program ran from 2007 to 2016, as well. These $10 gold coins were released concurrently — at the same time as their husband’s President coin.

U.S. 2-Cent & 3-Cent Coin Values: See How Much Two-Cent Pieces (1864-1873) And Three-Cent Pieces (1851-1889) Are Worth

Did you know that the U.S. had a 2-cent coin? Yes, from 1864 to 1873 the United States had a coin with a denomination of two cents. There was a 3-cent coin, too — with a denomination of three cents from 1851 to 1889. Interestingly, some 3-cent pieces are silver, while others are made of a nickel composition (those are sometimes called 3-cent nickels). Here are little-known facts about 2-cent and 3-cent coins… and how much they’re worth today.