Free Online Coin Calculators + Fun Money Calculators To Try

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Have some spare change lying around? Wondering what it’s worth?

Counting on success

If you’re still keeping piles of cash around the house — in a change jar — you’re not alone.

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Here’s how to determine the approximate value of your spare change…


2 Free Online Coin Calculators

  1. Perhaps the best online calculator for guesstimating value of all the coins in your coin jar is Coin-Calc. How accurate is it, you ask?… Well, there are mixed opinions on this. For the inside scoop on this particular coin calculator, check out Russell Heimlich’s fun experiment with coins he had lying around as spare change.
  2. To calculate approximately what your silver coins are worth, use this U.S. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. It calculates coin metal values based on the current silver price (pre-determined, you do not need to know the current value of silver). Just remember to enter the number of silver coins you have, not face value of those coins.


Fun Money Calculators

childs-money-calculator-learn-to-count-money.jpgMy nephew used the money calculator pictured above. It’s similar to this one. It’s different from a “regular” calculator in that it is used to count money — in all denominations.

You can also make saving money fun for kids with one of these personal banks & ATM learning machines:

deluxe-atm-machine-personal-bank.jpg zillionz-counting-money-jar.jpg chrome-pig-bank-with-led-display.jpg
And you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned talking calculator!


2 Great Money Counting Books For Kids

Actually, these books are for parents who are wanting to teach their children about buying, spending, saving, and investing.

money-sense-for-kids-boook.jpg money-matters-for-kids-book.jpg

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