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Coin Exchange Rates: The Best Currency Exchange Calculators & Online Currency Converters

usd-euro-worth-currency-exchange.jpgLooking for a currency translator?… A way to determine how much your money is worth — either in this country or another one?

Sometimes you just want to glance at the current exchange rates to see trends, prepare for a trip, or to place a value on some items you may own. Other times, you want to use a currency converter to quickly see how much your cash is worth… right here, right now.

Here are several online currency exchange calculators for performing currency conversions online. See how much your money is worth and find the current value of the U.S. dollar…

Exchange Rates At-A-Glance
With the U.S. dollar constantly rising and falling, it’s helpful to know — at a glance — what the current exchange rates are for the U.S. dollar (or for money from any other country, for that matter).

Here are some currency converters which display the current exchange rates:
Each also has an online currency converter as well.

MSN Money (quotes delayed at least 60 minutes, but most currencies are included here) …click “currency converter”

Go Currency (quotes delayed at least 20 minutes) …type directly into the “currency converter”

Reuters Currencies (quotes delayed at least 15 minutes) …type directly into the “currency calculator”

Quick Online Currency Converters

#1 – O and A Currency Converter — This one is great because it shows the exchange rate both ways (For example: 1 USD = .67 Euro and 1 Euro = 1.47 USD). So you can see at a glance the exact dollar amount that you’d get in cash for the amount in question. And… you can even explore the values for past dates… all in one place!

#2 – Yahoo Finance Currency Converter — I like the starter page better than the results page because you can see at a glance what the major currency cross rates are for the day (so you can see US, Euro, CAN, AU, Swiss, UK, Ven all at a glance… for the day).

#3 – Travelocity Currency Converter — This one is awesome for travelers because, when you check “Currency Cheat Sheet”, you get a breakdown of all of the denominations for a particular country that you are traveling to, so you’ll always have handy that $1 USD = this amount, and $5 USD = another amount, $10 USA = another amount… and so on. (Actually it shows all amounts from $1 through $10,000!)

#4 – Coin Mill Currency Converter — I like this one because it shows which countries use the money you’re inquiring about. For example, where is the Euro the primary currency? And where is the USD the primary currency used?

Some Handheld Currency Converters

money-exchanger.jpg zelco-xchanger-currency-exchange-calculator.jpgcurrency-converter.jpg austin-house-currency-converter.jpg