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Help Put More Dollar Coins In Circulation With The U.S. Mint Direct Ship Program

dollar-coin-direct-ship-program-photo-by-matthiasxc.jpg Do you want to help put more dollar coins in circulation? You can help! And it won’t cost you a dime — er — dollar more than you’d typically spend!

The United States Mint direct ship program lets you order $250 boxes of dollar coins without having to pay shipping fees.

The U.S. Mint’s direct ship dollar coin program brings a 10 rolls of 25 $1 coins in uncirculated condition.

Because the initiative is designed to get dollar coins in circulation, you aren’t supposed to deposit these coins directly into your bank upon receiving them, and they really shouldn’t be put into your coin collection, either.

However, if you’re interested in making a difference and don’t mind spending dollar coins, the U.S. Mint wants you to chip in on helping to make the dollar coin a real success story!