Coin Tubes: Cheap & Safe Coin Storage

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coin-tubes-photo-by-joshua.JPG Here’s an effective, safe, and cheap way to store a lot of coins: use coin tubes.

Coin tubes are plastic, (usually) chemically safe ways to protect many coins all in one compact area.

Coin tubes house a number of coins equivalent to quantities found in normal coin rolls. Here’s a breakdown of what most coin tubes hold:

  • 50 pennies
  • 40 nickels
  • 50 dimes
  • 40 quarters
  • 20 half dollars
  • 20 large-size dollar coins
  • 25 small-size dollar coins

Coin tubes cost anywhere from about 50 cents each up to $2.00 or so (based on the model and overall quality) and can be found at your local coin dealer. They can also be found on most online coin dealer websites.

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