Fun With Coins

Fun Ways To Collect Coins – Here, coin experts are sharing lots of fun things you can do with U.S. coins! See fun ways to find rare coins, fun ways to collect coins, fun ways to learn more about coins, and other fun ways to enjoy the hobby of coin collecting. Plus, gifts and other things that coin collectors love.

The Joys Of Being A Penny Collector

Why am I a penny collector? After more than 20 years collecting coins, I still love the penny because it’s a readily available denomination with many key and semi-key dates, varieties, and errors. It’s a challenge to complete a set of pennies, even for seasoned veterans. Here’s how I got my start collecting pennies.

Looking Through Penny Rolls Can Be Rewarding and Fun

Penny rolls… You can buy them for 50 cents each, which can lead to an array of exciting and even valuable finds. Some examples of valuable pennies I’ve found in penny rolls: wheat cents, error coins, misplaced dimes, and foreign coins.