14 Free Coin Games: A Fun Way To Teach Children About U.S. Coins & The Value Of Money

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Do you know any kids that want something fun to do with coins?

Here are lots of fun coin games that children will love.

(You may enjoy these games, too!)

These coin games will help to chase the boredom blues away, while teaching kids about the value of money at the same time!


5 Free U.S. Mint Coin Games

First up…  5 coin games on the United States Mint’s H.I.P. Pocket Change site:

  1. Dollar Dive — Look for dollar coins underwater, then use those coins to buy sails for a sailboat to escape the threatening sea monster. This one is fun.
  2. Cents Of Color — Let your creative side burst free in this cool activity that lets you paint colors on the coins you see on your screen. Have fun and use all the colors!
  3. The Coin Memory Game — This coin game is much like the classic card game concentration. You have to flip over the squares and see if you can remember where you have seen the twin image of each of the coins you find. This one gets your brain juices flowing.
  4. Puzzle Mint — The clock is running… see if you can put together the puzzles featuring the 50 States Quarter designs. This can be a bit of a challenge!
  5. Quarter Explorer — This coin game features Bill the Bison, who would love to have your help taking a trip across the country. Learn more about the 50 State Quarters and their designs in this fun, multi-level, interactive game.


5 Free Training Tutorial Coin Games

The site Free Training Tutorial’s Online Education for Kids has many more great coin games that will help you educate young children about coins:

  1. Peter Pig’s Money Counter — What kid doesn’t love stuffing a piggy bank full of coins? In this online coin game with multiple exercises, you’ve got to sort coins and figure out how much money you have. It’s a game that involves counting and identifying U.S. coins — it also helps kids better understand the value of money and the importance of saving for a rainy day!
  2. Do You Have Enough To Purchase? — Identifying coins and paper money is the object to this coin game. It tasks young grade-school children to examine an array of coins and paper money and determine, based on the denominations they illustrated, if they see enough money to buy a pictured item — which has its price spelled out in dollars and cents in an accompanying storyline.
  3. Treasure Hunt Ahoy! — It’s time to identify more coins! In this coin game, you’ve got to bring up just the right amount of money from the bottom of the sea. To achieve that, you’ve got to know what pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters look like and how much they’re each worth (based on their face value). Bring up too much or too little money and you might have to walk the proverbial plank!
  4. Money Carnival — Cappy, the Penguin (who’s really pretty cute, by the way) is spending the day at the carnival. He brought along plenty of spending cash to make his day there even sweeter — and much more fun. But he wants you to help him figure out how many coins he has to spend to buy items at the candy counter, play games on the midway, and pick up some toys in the souvenir shop.
  5. Coin Combo — What happens when you combine the popular computer puzzle game Tetris with a counting and identifying coins? You get Coin Combo, an interactive game designed for teaching elementary school children how many and what types of coins equal a certain amount of money.


Other Free Online Coin Games & Activities For Kids

I found a few more really cool coin games and money game ideas available online:

  • Use Coin-Based Games To Teach Money Skills — There are several coin games that you can play up at home using real or pretend coins. This article is an excellent read for parents, teachers, or anyone else who wants to teach children how to identify, count, and use money!
  • Learning Coins — Designed for younger elementary-age children, this interactive online game is an activity that teaches kids what of the commonly used US coins look like, how much they’re worth, and how to express their face values in writing. This coin game also explains which presidents, landmarks, and symbols appear on U.S. coins.
  • Counting Money — This multi-exercise game breaks down the values of coins and paper currency and teaches kids how to count money in values up to 100 dollars.
  • 17 Fun Money Activities for Kids — Here are lots of fun games, activities, and other ways to help kids learn about money — and how to use it — through fun and innovative exercises. These ideas are perfect for children of all ages, especially younger kids who are just becoming acquainted with the concept of money and its value.

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