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Fun Ways To Collect Coins – Here, coin experts are sharing lots of fun things you can do with U.S. coins! See fun ways to find rare coins, fun ways to collect coins, fun ways to learn more about coins, and other fun ways to enjoy the hobby of coin collecting. Plus, gifts and other things that coin collectors love.

Thinking of getting started in coin collecting? We've got the tips and resources you need to start collecting coins on a budget. Start here!

Coin collecting is a hobby that costs very little and provides years of enjoyment. I started in the early 1990s. Here are my top 11 reasons why you should start collecting coins today.

Want the easiest way to find old coins? Here are 6 proven ways to increase your odds of finding old valuable coins without buying them from a coin dealer!

Want to get a job in the coin industry? I can help you! I'm a longtime coin collector and I've led a numismatic career with LOTS of fun numismatic jobs since 2006.

I recently found a great coin collecting starter set for young coin collectors. See why I like the US Mint's Explore & Discover Kit and why it's such a great gift for kids!

Have you ever assembled Birth Year Coin Sets or Conception Year Coin Sets. The idea is to pick out of pocket change an example of each coin you find that was struck the year you (or someone you love) was born or conceived. Here are some clever ideas for making your own coin sets by year extra special!

Want something fun to do with coins... and your kids? How about playing a fun coin game?! These 14 free coin games teach children about U.S. coins and thd value of money.

The US Mint Philadelphia is one of 4 US Mint facilities. For a behind-the-scenes look at how coins are made, take a self-guided US Mint Philadelphia tour in person OR take a virtual tour of the facility online!

Do you realize that you can collect coins for face value or less -- even free? I've been collecting coins this way for years. Here's how you can do it too!

Rare Coins Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. has the 1804 dollar, 1933 double eagle & other rare coins. Here's what you'll see. Plus my tips for visiting the museum.