Louis Braille Dollar Coin – A First For The U.S. Mint

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Braille-Uncirculated-obv-public-domain-on-US-mint.jpg Louis Braille was born 200 years ago and invented the Braille system. The Braille system of writing involves a series of raised dots which allow people who are blind to read and write.

To mark the bicentennial of Louis Braille’s birth, the U.S. Mint will strike a silver dollar coin honoring the life of the man who opened up a whole new world for those who cannot see.

The Braille dollar coin will be available from the U.S. Mint in uncirculated and proof qualities. It will be minted in a limited run.

Here’s more about the Braille dollar...

Braille Coins

The Louis Braille commemorative dollar was released March 26, 2009.

It will mark a significant first in United States coins. The Braille dollar will be the first U.S. coin to include readable Braille.

However, the Braille silver dollar is not the first U.S. coin to include some form of Braille.

The 2003 Alabama 50 states quarter included a much-reduced version of Braille. The physically unreadable version of Braille read “Helen Keller,” who was featured on that coin.

Braille-Uncirculated-rev-public-domain-on-US-mint.jpg Where To Find The Louis Braille Dollar Coin

If you want to purchase the Louis Braille silver dollar directly from the U.S. Mint, prices start at $31.95 for an uncirculated example.

Proofs are being sold for $37.95.

Should the U.S. Mint sell out of these coins quickly or you prefer to buy your Braille dollar elsewhere, some coin dealers will be offering the Louis Braille silver dollar in the coming months.

Keep in mind that coin dealers are not bound to selling coins at the same price the U.S. Mint does.

About The Braille Dollar Coin

The Louis Braille commemorative silver dollar was approved by Public Law 109-247. This Public Law allows the U.S. Mint to strike 400,000 Louis Braille silver dollar coins.

As is the case with most commemorative coins, the surcharges collected from the sale of the Louis Braille silver dollar will go to a special cause.

In the case of the Braille dollar, the surcharges will help support and fund the National Federation of the Blind (NFB).

Braille Dollar Coin Designers

Several designers and engravers contributed to making the Louis Braille silver dollar coin:

  • Joel Iskowitz designed the obverse (heads side).
  • Phebe Hemphill engraved the design.
  • Susan Gamble designed the reverse (tails side).
  • Joseph Menna engraved it.

Louis Braille Dollar Coin To Orbit Earth

Among the ways the Louis Braille silver dollar will be honored includes a flight in space.

Dr. Joyce Winterton, who is the Assistant Administrator for NASA Education, reported that a 2009 Louis Braille silver dollar will be carried along during a space shuttle mission.

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