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2024 Quarter Value: These Are The 2024 Quarters Worth Saving (American Women Quarters)

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By Joshua

I’m finding a lot of 2024 American Women Quarters in my pocket change, and it makes me wonder if any of these new quarters are worth more than face value.

I did some digging and found out that there really are some 2024 quarters worth hanging onto — but you’ve got to know which ones they are.

I’ve got the complete rundown on 2024 quarter values here, including a list of which ones you need to be looking for.

An Interesting Thing About 2024 Quarters…

Have you noticed that the 2024 quarters have designs celebrating women?

That’s because they’re part of the multi-year American Women Quarters program. This circulating commemorative coin series launched in 2022 for a 4-year run ending in 2025. Each of the quarters struck during that time honors an influential American woman.

The American Women Quarters also carry a design of George Washington that many people are not all that familiar with. It’s a design by Laura Gardin Fraser that was originally proposed for the quarter way back in 1932.

At the time, U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon had the ultimate say in what the new Washington quarter was going to look like — and he chose the long-running design of George Washington engraved by John Flanagan, that most Americans are more familiar with.

U.S. Mint officials felt it appropriate to resurrect Laura Gardin Fraser’s motif of George Washington on coins designed to honor American women. Thus, the classic design saw new life on U.S. quarters beginning in 2022.

The 5 Designs On 2024 American Women Quarters

I must admit, before I found out who each of the women on the 2024 quarters were, I had known only one: Celia Cruz. Here’s more info about Cruz and the other 4 pioneering women:

  1. Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray — She was a civil rights and gender equality activist who served as a lawyer and later an Episcopal priest.
  2. Patsy Takemoto Mink — A respected attorney and civil rights advocate, Mink became the first woman of color and first Asian American to be elected to Congress.
  3. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker — This celebrated surgeon was an abolitionist, a prohibitionist, and the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor.
  4. Celia Cruz — I had first heard of Celia Cruz when I was a kid, knowing about her important contributions as a culturally iconic Cuban American singer.
  5. Zitkala-Ša — She co-founded the National Council of American Indians, which has served a critical role advocating for the rights and advancement of Native Americans.

Which 2024 Quarters Are Worth Saving?

The current 2024 quarter value depends on several things — like the coin’s condition, how many examples of the coin were struck, how many collectors are searching for this coin, and a few other things.

While most worn 2024 quarters without errors or varieties are worth only their face value of 25 cents, there are some exceptions:

  • Uncirculated 2024 quarters, which show no signs of wear, are worth saving. They have a value of 30 to 50 cents. I know, that’s not much of a premium — but the value could go up even more in the future as uncirculated 2024 quarters become scarcer over time.
  • Proof 2024 American Women Quarters are minted for collectors using polished blanks and specially prepared dies, resulting in stunningly brilliant coins. They’re packaged in proof sets by the U.S. Mint and sold directly to coin collectors at a price above face value. The 2024 proof quarters are generally worth $3 to $5 apiece.
  • I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for any 2024 quarter errors and varieties. These are especially rare and valuable since the U.S. Mint’s quality control team has been doing a great job at keeping these oddities out of circulation. But off-center strikes, broadstrikes, and even doubled dies are all possible errors and varieties that can be found on the 2024 quarters. Values for any of these are easily $25 to $50 apiece and are definitely worth saving.

Be wary of any 2024 quarters with post-mint damage — like quarters without ridges but that are otherwise the correct diameter of 24.3 millimeters. There are many coins out there that look strange but that have no additional value because of damage or alterations that may confuse some collectors into thinking they’re mint-made oddities. Most of the weird-looking coins you’ll find in circulation are not errors or varieties but rather just examples of damage that took place after the coin left the mint.

I’d say your best bet of finding any valuable 2024 quarters is by searching through rolls of coins.

Here’s my video with some tips on coin roll searching:

Do you have a 2024 quarter? Think there may be something unique about it? Post a picture of your coin in the comments below and I’ll try to help!