2010 Presidential Dollar Coin Designs Revealed

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abraham-lincoln-line-art-dollar-coin-photo-by-us-mint.jpg The United States Mint has released a sneak peak at the designs for the 2010 Presidential Dollar coins.

The next Presidential Dollar coins include:

  • Millard Fillmore (13th president)
  • Franklin Pierce (14th president)
  • James Buchanan (15th president)
  • Abraham Lincoln (16th president)

2010 Presidential Dollar coins will again place the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST on the obverse (head’s side) of the coin — just like the 2009 Presidential Dollar coins.

The phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM, the year 2010, the mintmark, and 13 stars will all be inscribed on the edge of the coins.

These coins will be released into circulation. They will also be available in mint sets and proof sets in 2010.

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