Rare Lincoln-Kennedy Penny: Are Commemorative Coins Like This Valuable?

The Lincoln-Kennedy penny affixed to a card listing similarities between the two presidents.Rosie wrote us and said she found a penny that has an imprint of President Kennedy facing President Lincoln on it — and she wanted to know how much it’s worth.

Generally speaking, the penny itself is worth little to nothing in a coin collector’s eyes.

However, if the coin is still attached to the card AND the card itself is in extremely good condition, then it’s worth $3 to $10 for its historic value alone.

The Kennedy Lincoln Penny is an example of a counterstamped coin.

In order for it to have some real value, you would need to find the “right person” who saves historical collector’s items like these.

How Common Are Lincoln-Kennedy Pennies?

There are no official mintage numbers for this coin — because they were not made by the U.S. Mint. Instead, they were made by individuals and businesses and handed out to large groups of people.

I got mine from my mom, who was working at a bank at the time.

She brought home a few of these commemorative Lincoln-Kennedy Pennies that were affixed to cards.

The cards list some “astonishing coincidences” between the lives (and deaths) of President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy.

Pictured here is the one I’ve managed to save for the past 20+ years.

Similarities & Coincidences Between Kennedy And Lincoln:

Commemorative Lincoln-Kennedy penny that I've saved through the years. CLICK to view the list of 'Astonishing Coincidences'.

However, to some, all of these “supposed” similarities simply have gone too far…


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