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Novelty Coins

The statehood quarter program began in 1999 and continued through 2008. The 50 state quarters were released into circulation in the order the statehoods came into existence. Here's the list of all 50 state quarters & their release dates. Plus, everything you need to know about collecting state quarters, and fun ways to organize them!

Coins on graves are just the beginning! Explore traditions that involve coins -- the ways that coins are believed to bring luck, joy, peace, and security.

making a custom coin

Personalized coins & custom coins are a fun way to add a little spice to your coin collecting hobby. Make coins for yourself or for others as gifts. Giving out custom coins is also a great way for an organization to make a first impression! Here's how to make personalized custom coins for a special event, a gift, or a personal anniversary.

See how much your 1877 penny is worth! Plus, rare 1877 Indian Head penny facts, info about 1877 replica pennies, and tips to avoid fakes.

Found a coin with an odd marking on it? It might be a counterstamp! All about counterstamped coins - what they are, why they exist, how much they're worth!

Weird looking coins might be error coins! Here's how to tell. A list of the most common error coins you could find in change + A list of altered coins (novelty coins).

Have a two-headed coin? Want to know what it's worth? Find out here! See examples of two-headed coins and two-tailed coins made by the U.S. Mint. Plus, other novelty coins like the the Lincoln-Kennedy penny and other 2-headed coins that are not US Mint coins.

Challenge coins are not really coins. They're not made by the U.S. Mint, and they're not used as currency. Challenge coins first appeared during World War I. Here's the story behind challenge coins, why they're called challenge coins, how the coin challenge game works, and how much military challenge coins are worth.

Got any strange coins or tokens? Unusual looking coins do sometimes have value. Here are answers to the most common questions about odd looking coins.