Have Error Coins? Here’s How To Tell A Normal Or Altered Coin From A Real Coin Error

Your weird looking coins might be error coins! Here’s how to tell what’s a legit error coin from the U.S. Mint (like the rare 1990 penny, valuable doubled die coins, and bubbled coins) and what’s an altered coins or novelty coin (like two-headed coins, colorized coins, gold-plated coins, really small coins, really large coins, coins with odd rims and edges, dimes & quarters without edge grooves). Plus a list of some of the most common U.S. coin errors that you could actually find in your pocket change!

Military Challenge Coins: Are Military Coins Worth Collecting?

Challenge coins are not really coins. They’re not made by the U.S. Mint, and they’re not used as currency. Challenge coins first made their appearance during World War I. Here’s the story behind challenge coins, why they’re called challenge coins, how the coin challenge game works, and how much military challenge coins are worth.

Tips For Assembling A Complete Set Of 50 State Quarters + A List Of All The Coins In This Popular Series And Their Dates

The U.S. Mint’s state quarter program began in 1999 and continued through 2008. In all, 50 statehood quarters were made — one for each state in the United States. They were released into circulation in the order that the statehoods came into existence. Here’s the official list of all 50 state quarters and their release dates. Plus, everything you need to know about collecting the 50 state quarters, and fun ways to save state quarters that you probably haven’t thought of!