making a custom coin

Personalized Coins & Custom Coins Are Fun To Collect, Make Great Gifts, And Are Smart For Businesses

by Joshua

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making a custom coin

Here’s a fun idea: make personalized custom coins for a special event, a gift, or a personal anniversary!

Or, you might be interested in buying or collecting custom coins and adding them to your coin collection.

What is a custom coin?

A custom coin is one that is made with your choice of:

  • Lettering
  • Design
  • Metal
  • Some other feature(s)

Once you’ve decided what you want your coin to look like, you simply place the order with the special mint, pay the fee, and you will receive your custom coin(s) in the mail.

Why would you want a custom coin?

Custom coins are popular for companies and organizations to give to employees, customers, inductees, and others.

Custom coins also make fun gifts for any occasion — whether the person collects coins or not.

Are Custom Coins Valuable?

Custom coins fall into a category of coin collecting called exonumia — novelty coins and coin-like objects which are not legal tender.

This is one example:

Here is another example — a personalized wedding coin to celebrate the marriage of two people.

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